Liberty rollercoaster

I’ve been a New York Liberty season ticket holder since 2003 (though I saw my first game in 2000) and this year has definitely been the most discombobulating. We started off with that 5-0 winning streak then later in the season we had the horrific 0-7 streak and looked to be no chance for the playoffs. Yet here we are one game left and if we win we’re in. In fact, even if we lose we could still make the post season—if the Washington Mystics lose their game.

This year I have seen the Liberty lose an astonishing number of games they should have won. They’d have a lead at the end of the first half only to come back out in self-destructo mode. I’ve wanted to strangle Cathrine Kraayeveld (her stats don’t list anywhere near as many turnovers as she’s responsible for: Standing immobile when the ball lands on top of you and not getting it—surely that should count as a turnover?) and Coach Patty Coyle (why did it take her SO LONG to give Janel McCarville, Tiffany Jackson and Jessica Davenport more than a handful of minutes?!)

We have missed Becky Hammon something fierce. One look at how brilliantly the San Antonio Silver Stars have played this year speaks to that. Last year they were one of the worst teams in the league; this year they’re second in the West. I fantasise about what the Liberty would have looked like this year with Hammon, Loree Moore and McCarville playing together. Don’t get me wrong Davenport and Jackson are fab and they’re going to be even better in a year or two, but we no longer have a reliable shooting guard. We no longer have someone who will reliably roll in and save our arses at crunch time as Becky has done a billion times.

I miss her.

The trade to San Antonio was brilliant for her but we were left with a big ole shooting-guard-sized hole. We better get one in next year’s draft. Though I’d settle for a forward/centre/guard like, say, Candace Parker.

But it has been a joy to see Loree Moore step up and become a very Theresa Weatherspoon-like point guard. She and McCarville are our solid core. Here’s hoping they’ll get us through tomorrow’s game and into the playoffs.


  1. anonymous on #

    Mystics to win! Liberty sux!

  2. Rebecca on #

    “They’d have a lead at the end of the first half only to come back out in self-destructo mode.”

    that was us last night, sadly, although the stars came back in the fourth quarter and we only lost by two points. πŸ˜› the loss aside, though, it was pretty amazing. it was our last regular season game though. here’s hoping the liberty wins theirs.

  3. Justine on #

    Anonymous: So eloquently said.

    Rebecca: The Stars have been awesome this year. I’m hoping for a Liberty-Silver Stars final. Wouldn’t that be grand? Unlikely, but grand.

  4. Rebecca on #

    ha! i was thinking too. but then you and i would be rooting agianst each other. πŸ˜‰

  5. Rebecca on #


    p.s. i got to actually go to that game. it was amazing!! i was like five feet away from becky hammon. πŸ˜€

  6. Justine on #

    Well, we’re in the playoffs. Sorry, annonymous!

    Rebecca: Not to worry I will be barracking for my team against yours. The term you used is exceptionally rude where I come from.

    The Stars have a much better chance of making the finals than the Liberty do.

    Isn’t it great seeing the games live? Isn’t Hammon awesome?

  7. Rebecca on #

    uh oh. now i’m wondering what i said. i have never heard of “barracking.” πŸ˜›

    the fever will give the stars a run for their money, i bet. probably others too, i’m not up on the stats, sadly. but *gasp* they’re actually airing some of the playoff games on tv, so i can watch them instead of read about them. yay!

    live games rock! screaming and chanting and just generally acting like lunatics is awesome.

  8. Justine on #

    Let’s just say that in Australia “rooting” is something that religious people believe should be saved for marriage.

    Yeah, live games are the best. In the Northern summer we go to 19 Liberty games. It is most excellent!

  9. Rebecca on #

    oh my. note to self: do not use the r-word in australia. πŸ˜›

    i have an utterly ridiculous urge to buy a season pass for next year. *sigh*

  10. Justine on #

    That’s not a ridiculous urge; it’s a very sensible one!

  11. Rebecca on #

    it’d be a ton of money, though. and i’m not in town most of the year. sadness.

    ooh. i was wrong about our last game. the one i went to was just the last home game. we had an away game against the lynx last night where we got killed.

  12. Justine on #

    Don’t sweat it that was just the Silver Star reserves playing. They’re resting their starters for the playoffs.

    The WNBA season is just summer. Perfect for a college student!

  13. Rebecca on #

    i knows, but it was a big loss. wah.

    broke college student who goes off on “vacations” to the boonies with her parents in the summer. bleahrgh. i must wait and be happy with two or three games a season. for now.

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