1. anonymous on #


  2. amy fiske on #

    congrats to the liberty!!! they’re due…

    i can cheer for them (or barrack, if you will) until the mercury make the finals now do you think you could take care of detroit for us? *ducks*

    : )

  3. Justine on #

    I don’t see why we can’t take care of Detroit. We knocked ’em out back in 04.

    Congrats on Pheonix’s year. You guys have been amazing and you’re a much more entertaining team to watch than Detroit. Plus two Australians!

    Other than the Liberty and the Silver Stars you guys are my fave WNBA team. Well, you and Seattle cause, you know, LJ. And also Indiana cause I love Tully. Okay, I confess I love any team with an Australian on it. (Except for Connecticut when they had Erin Phillips. Erin’s great but Connecticut? Bleah.)

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