1. Martin Livings on #

    Well, really, if she was anything like Jane Austen, she wouldn’t have to BECOME Jane, would she? The film would be called “Being Jane”. Duh!

    Look on the bright side, at least she’s not playing William Shakespeare’s wife… that would just be confusing…

  2. Dan Goodman on #

    She’s done wonderfully at preserving her looks since she became a widow (I wonder if she’s ever going to write an autobiography, and explain why William left her the second best bed.)

  3. lili on #


    what an awful film.

    no story. no historical accuracy. and worst of all – no sexual tension. it was like spitting on jane’s grave and then jumping up and down on it yelling ‘ner ner, we destroyed your legacy! harr’.

  4. Diana on #

    I’m a sucker for James MacAvoy. So I don’t care.

    And I think the way they did up Anne in this movie she looks like the chick who played Fanny in the MP adaptation. And that was the one (movie) that was supposed to have incorporated all that “autobiographical” stuff.

  5. Nichole on #

    I like to pretend that the whole thing just never happened.

  6. Agustina on #

    Hey Justine, i just discovered yor blog, I love your writing, and I read on your bio section that you and your husband like to come to Argentina, I live in Buenos Aires, so next time you´re planning a visit please let me know.

    All the best

  7. Adrienne Vrettos on #

    Agreed. That’s not to say I won’t rent it and watch it while eating a giant bowl of ice cream, cooing over the dresses and complaining about Ms. Hathaway’s utter un-Janeness

  8. Justine on #

    Agustina: I’d love to go back to Buenos Aires—I love it!—but sadly there’s no chance of that for several years. Worse luck.

    Hwalk: What a lovely post. Thanks for pointing it out. Quite a co-incidence too. I just started reading Shannon Hale for the first time and have been blown away. Princess Academy wasn’t anything like I was expecting. What a wonderful writer she is!

  9. shelly rae on #

    So Justine, who would you pick to play Jane?

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