Matter of taste

Someone just told me I’m wrong about Bring It On being the best movie of all time. Excuse me? If I say it is then it is! This is my personal list of the best movies of all time. I cannot be wrong about it.

I’m not saying there aren’t other best movies of all time. There are! The Princess Bride is one. Rififi is another. Not to mention Out of the Past and Lagaan.

I am also not wrong about mangosteens being the best fruit.

Or The Wire being the best television.

Or Emma and Hellsing and anything by Osamu Tezuka being the best manga.

Or zombies being the best monsters.

And cricket absolutely is the best sport.

So nyer!

Though, of course, I reserve the right to tell you that your choices of best movie etc of all time is completely wrong. Because I am blog overlord.


  1. Dess on #

    i love the princess bride! my friends have never heard of it. a mangosteen is a fruit? is that like a mango? is it a mango and we americans just shorten it?

  2. Dess on #

    speaking of movies, have you ever seen lilo and stitch? its so cute. lilo loves elvis. lots of elvis stuff in that movie. (okay so its a disney cartoon but who cant love a little elvis loving girl who adopts and alien thinkin its a dog?)

  3. Dess on #

    *thinking sorry. can’t spell

  4. Lauren Cerand on #

    Bring It On is SO #1. Anyone who says anything else is BANANAS! XX, LC

  5. Rebecca on #

    i guess i really should watch bring it on someday. see what all the hype’s about.

  6. jenny davidson on #

    justine, i think you’d better make “mangosteen” a topic in the sidebar…

  7. Ally on #

    I love bring it on. bring it on all or nothing is good too. i like watching people tumbling(flipping) and stunting(holding people up in the air) and basket tosses(throwing people in the air) are awesome!

  8. Penni on #



    bring it on

    I will be buying a copy for my daughters and telling them it’s a movie about feminism.

  9. faither on #

    i LOVE all the movies in the “bring it on” “series.” they are my guilty pleasure. If they are on TV, i must watch. my husband thinks it’s funny. The princess bride is another one. It is one of the best movies ever created, for children and adults. 😛

  10. Dawn on #

    I LOVE Bring It On!!! I agree with it being one of the best movies of all time. It fascinates me every time I watch it…I wish i could be that…cheerleader-y.

  11. e. Lockhart on #

    I am all over bring it on.
    but I do like unicorns.
    your title choice won, by the way

    do you want to write next week?

  12. jenny davidson on #

    thank you, you gave me my wish!

  13. Corey on #

    Hah, finally! Aside from my wife and I, you are the only other person I’ve ever known to say zombies are the best monster… Some people just don’t get it 😉 Especially those ‘pire-fiends, they won’t listen to reason! Brains are better than blood; it’s higher in essential vitamins and minerals.

  14. Malcolm on #

    There is so much about this post that is just wrong. Except for the cricket, princess bride and hellsing bits. They sound accurate. Clearly the heat and deadlines are getting to your judgement. I mean, really.. bring it on?! That’s your pick? *sigh*

    @dess: Mangosteens are not mangos. They’re both fruits, but the naming is just a coincidence. Mangosteens have a slightly more tart taste, although both are quite sweet. Mangosteens are a bit smaller and much darker (purple, almost) in color when ripe. Mmm… now I want a mangosteen or a mango.

  15. Dess on #

    huh. i’ve never heard of/seen a mangosteen before. thank you!

  16. Dess on #

    wow was mangosteen hyperlinked before? if so, sorry. do you eat the purple part or the white part, or are both eatable?

  17. Lauren on #

    Bring it on was a great movie directed by a buffoon. All the pacing was off and the occasionally brilliant one-liners were outlined in bold and delivered with exactly the wrong deliberateness. That said, it must be applauded for doing what so few teen movies based in generic white California do–addressing race and class openly. Also it has finally made the point that cheerleading is NOT regressive and sexist. Cheerleading has nothing to do with girls supporting boys. It’s about gymnastics, dancing, wearing short skirts, screaming, and show biz. Oh, and plot necessities aside, the Toros routine was better than the Clovers.

  18. Bridgitte on #

    Cricket?? Too organized and slow. you actually mean aussie rules, don’t you? i’m a flippin’ american and i know that! oh, and love your site!

    Offensive comments stricken by the blog overlord.

  19. Bridgitte on #

    Please forgive me, blog overlord. I truly did not mean to offend. Please be my friend again?

  20. Justine on #

    Blog overlord doesn’t have any friends.

    But I’m dead pleased you like my blog!

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