New York Times suckage

New York has a sports team that’s opened its season with a five game winning streak, despite not even making the playoffs last year and no longer having its best and most popular player. How many column inches has the New York Times given this remarkable performance?

Pretty much none. Unless you count the teeny tiny AP reports.

This is because the team is the New York Liberty and it’s a women’s team. The New York Times is incapable of covering women’s basketball unless it’s a profile of a male coach. Especially if that male coach is ex-NBA and coaches a non-New York team.

The New York Daily has no problem covering the Liberty nor does the New York Post. What’s it going to take for the New York Times to send a reporter down to Madison Square Garden? A perfect season? Sex-change operations for the whole team? Pigs to fly? I understand it’s a hell of a hike from the Times’s headquarters to the Garden. They’d want a really good reason to have to travel so far.

Damn your sexist moronic eyes, New York Times!! Grrrr!!!


  1. Ally on #

    1st 2 times! go me!

  2. Rebecca on #

    wow. becky hammon looks amazing. not that i’m an expert, but i wonder why they traded her. it doesn’t make sense. not that i’m complaining. 😉

  3. Dan Goodman on #

    I soured on the NYTimes when they ran a front page article about how New York City’s dialect was dying out. Every linguist they quoted said, quite plainly that it was changing; not dying, but changing. I’d noticed other inaccuracies in their news stories, but this one did it.

    For national and world news, I now turn to USA Today (when I read printed news). For NYC local news, I’ve found Newsday to be better — even though they haven’t had a NYC edition for a while.

  4. jmnlman on #

    NYT will cover the WNBA about the time they deal with science fiction in a respectful manner in the book review. In other words it’s not happening.

  5. Addie on #


  6. Dawn on #

    Double grr!!

  7. Cathy on #

    Speaking as a 4th generation New Yorker (although currently living elsewhere), why are you looking for your sports news in the NYTimes?

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