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My big news is that my next two books are going to be published by Bloomsbury USA. That’s right the great Aussie cricket mangosteen monkey knife fighting fairy YA novel has found a home! Not to mention an actual title: The Ultimate Fairy Book.

I am so excited I cannot sit still. I’m bouncing as I type this. I am all over with yays!

My new editor is Melanie Cecka who is wonderful. We had a three-hour lunch last year where we learned conclusively that we are each girls after each other’s heart. Hot sauce! Mexican food! Dessert! Love of many of the same books!

The whole team at Bloomsbury are incredibly impressive and seem to be almost as excited about my book as I am about becoming a Bloomsbury girl. It’s a match made in heaven. Just take a look at some of the books they publish! I am going to be on the same list as Shannon Hale, Simmone Howell, Susan Vaught, Herbie Brennan, Phillip Reeve! What’s not to love?

Before you ask The Ultimate Fairy Book or the UFB is scheduled to be published in Fall 2008 (ie September or October of next year). I know some of you will think that is a long, long, long, way away, but I was very surprised that they’re going to publish it so soon. Most publishers have already planned their Fall 08 list and are now plannning their 2009 books. I squealed when I heard it was coming out next year. More yays!

Also being on the Fall list in the US of A (and let’s face it where else do they even have a fall1?) is a Very Big Deal. The majority of the books featured at BEA, for instance, are Fall titles.

  1. Where I come from it’s autumn. []


  1. Ally on #

    1st again 3 times in a row!
    Go Ultimate Fairy Book!!

  2. Karen on #

    Fantastic news all around!

  3. Cassie on #

    Yay! Shall buy you a drink tonight to celebrate. And Melanie is super-nice.

  4. jennifer, aka literaticat on #

    omfg that’s awesome. they have the BEST PUBLICIST in the WORLD, ms. deb shapiro. LOVE! YAY!

    excited excited excited am i!

    also you need to email me as soon as you know when you guys will be in SF so i can put you on the (rapidly filling) calendar!

  5. cherie priest on #

    Congratulations! If this were LJ, I’d leave you the flailing Kermit icon 🙂

  6. John Klima on #

    Hearty congrats all around! Very excited that I get the chance to buy more Justine novels next year.

  7. Rebecca on #

    *happy dance*

    HURRAY! And congrats! That is awesome. I’m so excited about this book. 😀

  8. Jo Whittemore on #

    Woohoo! Bloomsbury. Very nice. Congo-rats!

  9. sherwood on #

    Huzzah! Huzzah! huzzah!

  10. Lawrence Schimel on #

    Mazel tov!

    (And sorry I didn’t get a chance to see you when we were both in NYC, but I’m flying off to Madrid this afternoon. Come to Madrid!)

  11. Chris S. on #

    Great news! To be fitted into the Fall 2008 schedule is way cool. And a sign of how strongly the company is behind you.

  12. chance on #

    Congratulations! it sounds awesome! (though I have to say I love your not-titles better then the titles they end up with.)

  13. orangedragonfly on #

    justine: that’s fantastic!! i’m tingling with anticipation of your new book….the magic of madness trilogy is very happy-making. (sorry, just re-read the uglies trilogy too 😉 )

    (p.s. i posted my news on the “good news only” thread…..)

  14. Colleen on #

    Oh how I do love Bloomsbury! I will be up front and center with my copy as soon as it comes out!!! Yea for you!

  15. Rachel Brown on #

    woo-hoo! Can’t wait to read it!

  16. TadMack on #

    Yay for you!
    Much love for all your books, can’t wait to read the next!

  17. jenny davidson on #

    wonderful news! i love the title, too–i grew up on those andrew lang blue pink etc. fairy book so it definitely needed to be “the [adjective] fairy book” in my opinion…

  18. Barry on #

    A perfect match, Justine…congratulations! You’re gonna love it there.

  19. Christopher Barzak on #

    Yay! That’s awesome news! And also congrats on the Norton, which I was hoping I’d be able to tell you in person at Wiscon. Alas, you were not there. Nonetheless, yay for you!

  20. Steve Nagy on #

    Congrats. 🙂

  21. CAAF on #

    Hurrah! I can’t wait to read The Ultimate Fairy Book, which sounds absolutely fab.

  22. Kelly on #

    Yahoo, Justine. That’s great news. Congrats 🙂

  23. hereandnow on #

    Yaaaaaaaaaayy!! *dorkflails*

  24. The Bibliophile on #

    That’s all sorts of good news! I can hardly wait for fall 2008!

  25. simmone on #

    you beauty! and I bet fall will come sooner than you think – one day i will get to nyc and we can have a bloomsbury knees-up!

  26. lili on #


  27. Penni on #

    Justine, are you signing a contract for a book you haven’t written yet? Nooo…you were my hero and role model when you said you were never doing that again.

    Bloomsbury are lucky to have you, and it sounds like they know it too. Congratulations!

  28. Dess on #

    congrats justine! can’t wait to read it! yeah for the ultimate fairy book! is there a difference between fairies and faeries? in herbie brennan (who i love) and holly black’s (who i love more) books they spell it faerie.

  29. Little Willow on #

    Congratulations, Justine!

    I DO believe in fairies!
    I do!
    I do!

  30. haddy on #

    ive never posted on this blog before but ive read all the magic or maddness books they rock(not to be rude but i read your books because i liked scotts so much and i loved them) im so exited a new book cant wait so extras then a year later the ultimate fairy book sweet:)

  31. Dawn on #

    YAY!!!! I’m so HAPPY FOR YOU!!! This means more wonderful reading for me!! CONGRATS! (enough exclaimation points for ya? ;-))

  32. Justine on #

    Thanks, everyone! I’m in heaven.

    There’ve been a bunch of quessies about the book. Will respond to ’em tomorrow.

  33. Ariel Cooke on #

    I am so thrilled that you are publishing a new book so I can read it! Joy!

  34. Garth Nix on #

    And where would a bluestocking author go but Bloomsbury 🙂

    That’s great news, and congratulations!


    P.S. I’m with everyone who thinks the book should still be called THE GREAT AUSSIE CRICKET MANGOSTEEN MONKEY KNIFE-FIGHTING FAIRY YA NOVEL

  35. Jason Erik Lundberg on #

    Big w00ts for the great Aussie cricket mangosteen monkey knife fighting fairy YA novel! Yay yay yay!

  36. Katerate on #

    Congratulaaaaaations, Justine!!! This year is really flying by fast, so September/October should be here in no time (which is really good for me because I can’t wait to read this book).


  37. Ally on #

    isn’t that when the movie uglies comes out? have yall heard any news on that? j/w.. i guess i should ask scott that lol

  38. Terri Windling on #

    Congratulations, Justine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so, so, so thrilled for you — and for all of us who can’t wait to read them. And what a fabulous title you’ve chosen, too. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!


  39. Vicki on #

    That’s great news!!! So excited for you. 🙂

  40. Maggie on #

    Very exciting news, Justine! Congratulations!!! So, are ultimate fairies anything like extreme fairies? Heh. Heh. 😉

  41. hwalk on #

    yeah! bloomsbury books are awesome!

  42. jonathan on #

    yay you! congrats!

  43. Diana on #

    penni, she’s written it. I’ve read it. Also, she blogs about having finished it here:

    And rewriting it in many places.

    dess, I think the difference is the spelling. Fairy, Faerie, Faery, Fae, Fey…it’s all the same etymology.

  44. carrie on #

    yay!!!! what wonderful news! congratulations and i so can’t wait to read it!

  45. may on #

    congrats, justine! can’t wait to read it!

  46. Dess on #

    thank you diana for the clarification.

  47. Will on #

    …don’t forget Susanna Clarke. More good company. Congrats again Justine (I should set that to a hotkey;)

  48. Justine on #

    Jenny D: i grew up on those andrew lang blue pink etc. fairy book so it definitely needed to be “the [adjective] fairy book” in my opinion!

    Hah! I grew up on those too. And, you know, that didn’t even occur to me about the title. How dumb am I?

    Will: don’t forget Susanna Clarke.

    She writes for grownups. That totally doesn’t count!

  49. amy fiske on #

    wow, go you! that’s awesome!

    i get lots of galleys from publishers but the ones from bloomsbury are always good. they have high standards so it’s no surprise at all that you’re now a bloomsbury girl. congrats!

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