1. rachel on #

    Oh no! I ment to do that comment here. i promise not to comment too much again. sorry about before.

  2. Ally on #

    YAY!!! i can talk with out ticking people off!

    its okay you can talk allllll you want here

  3. Ally on #

    i feel loved

    thank you justine!

  4. alisa on #

    this is so nice! hee!

  5. Ally on #

    yeah everybody likes it!

  6. calliope on #

    thanks justine! yay! i need to go to a barnes and noble. i have a serious loss of new books. what are some you recommend? (besides all and everything justine larbeliester has and will ever right.)
    i feel loved 2

  7. Ally on #

    hehe this great! um well scott’s uglies, pretties, and specials. yeah don’t ask me for book recomendations..i havnt got to read a whole lot latley because of benchmark testing..

  8. Ally on #

    where is potato??

  9. Dess on #

    hmmmmmmm. you want book ideas? well what sort of books do you like? ive got a ton for you if you like the kind of books i like. did that make any sense at all?

  10. Ally on #

    did yall know now that the aussie shampoo doesn’t come from australia..i think thats wrong to call it that

    (that was random)

  11. calliope on #

    i don’t know! boohoo, potato, where are you? i love that series. thanks!

  12. Ally on #

    oh actually there are alot of books i want to read but havn’t yet..i want to read:
    Justine’s books
    Maureen’s bool’s
    Peeps/last days
    the bar code tatoo

    and others i forgot haha

  13. Jedi on #

    Hi everyone!

  14. Ally on #

    hey jedi! welcome to chat at will haha


  15. potato on #

    o.k. i’m not soposed to do this but i have to tell you why i’m not coming back i’m not aloud to any more i’m sorry i will miss all of yal!!!

  16. Ally on #

    NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (

  17. Ally on #

    hey i so put more than that^

    ahhh this nots is sucking! im going to cry in a corner (not really) I’ll miss you potato!!!!

  18. Ally on #

    this day is sucking*

  19. Ally on #

    hmmm i’m all alone now

  20. Ally on #

    aw man this is pointless without potato

  21. potato on #

    come on i know you want to find me please come no one is there but me and it makes me sad!

  22. potato on #

    please come!!! 🙁 (puppy face)

  23. calliope on #

    hey ally, hey jedi. boohoo. super sad

  24. Ally on #

    POTATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i quit loking here cuz like no one was posting..YAY!!

  25. potato on #

    you all left me at my place alone no one has come so i sad 🙁

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