Last two Texas appearances + Spoiler FAQ

Very flaky internet access—the wifi keeps dropping to one bar so I’m keeping this short. Also I don’t seem to be able to reply to emails, but I’ll be back in NYC by Saturday and will catch up then. If it’s urgent call me on the mobile.

We’re doing two more Texas appearances. Details here. Come say hi.

Also I’m getting a lot of people asking me the same questions about the ending of the trilogy so I’ve started a SPOILER FAQ over here [scroll down]. If you have questions about the trilogy that aren’t already answered you can ask them on the comments thread over there and I will respond. But please don’t ask spoiler questions in the comments for this post. Lots of this blog’s readers have not read Magic’s Child yet.

Hope no one’s too damp in NYC.

Okay, now I attempt to post this . . .


  1. Rebecca on #

    coming coming coming!! 🙂

  2. Elmo on #

    Wifi. That’s a funny word…
    *eh hem*
    anyway, I would come hi…but I can’t, it would invlove crossing and extremely large body of water and a (therefore) a lot of money…which I do not have. however, I will be there in spirit.

  3. rachel on #

    Thank you! I was wondering abou tthe doors!

  4. rachel on #

    I looked at your website and it doesn’t have anyh appearances in america after april. will you be doing any? I love in California. I want to meet you too!

  5. rachel on #

    ooops! I live in California, not love!

  6. rachel on #

    though loveing is kinda funny.

  7. rachel on #

    I mean loveing in California is kind of funny. sorry for so many postings. hope you don’t mine!

  8. rachel on #

    Mind! Hope you don’t mind. I think I type to fast. I love your books. Did I say that already?

  9. rachel on #

    Magics Child was the best one. Especially the end bit that I want say what it was because of not spoling. but it was super good.

  10. rachel on #

    Too many posts. Sorry! Had to tell you that I like Tom best.

  11. rachel on #

    but i like Jay-Tee and Reason to. I just like clothes. ANd he makes me laugh. I think he sounds cute.

  12. rachel on #

    i like all of them really. even esmerelda.

  13. rachel on #

    but not Jason Blaek. Hes awful!

  14. rachel on #

    I’ll stop now. Sorry!

  15. Dess on #

    wow rachel. thats a lot of comments

  16. Ally on #


  17. Stephanie on #

    I heard you were in Texas again. :]

    My librarian saw you and your husband at TLA and said the two of you were amazing!

    Just thought I would drop by and say that…

    Sorry ’bout the terrible internet connection…it happens.


  18. potato on #

    rachel: try to put all you want to say on one post so it doesn’t take up the whole thing!

  19. Ally on #

    hey potato!

  20. potato on #

    hey ally!!!i made it!!!

  21. Ally on #

    hehe YAY! so what shall we talk about?

    oh and every time she makes a new post we go to that so people dont get emails over and over 🙂

  22. potato on #

    i don’t know what where we talking about befor???
    oh and every time she makes a new post we go to that so people dont get emails over and over
    what that didn’t make semce to me??

  23. Ally on #

    okay like if someone checks that box down there they will get messages to know when people have commented and if we stay here and talk then they’ll keep getting these messages everytime we comment so we need to move around instead of staying in one spot

  24. potato on #

    Ally: but i don’t want to move they should just not check the box!!!

  25. Ally on #

    orrrr justine could take the box down..okay how about this, if anybody tells us to move we will move 😉

  26. potato on #

    o/k that works for me!!!

  27. Ally on #

    Potato: is it cold there? its is like 74 here wait I have to put Farenhiet b/c there are foriegn people here..

  28. potato on #

    ally: no it’s sunny but it’s farly coldd especially in the morning. are you in california???

  29. Rebecca on #

    dude! you guys should start an ally and potato blog. that’d be totally awesome. and then we could all read it. it’d be like instant messaging, except cooler. 😉 if you like the idea and decide to do it, post a link, okay?!

  30. calliope on #

    i totally agree with rebecca. that would be hilarious. what’s 74 degrees in fahrenheit? unless it was in fahrenheit. sorry.

  31. Ally on #

    oh yeah calliope thats it I just dont know how to spell..

    Rebecca:that would rock! haha it would be like a ally and potato talk show online haha that would be funny!

    what do you think potato??haha

  32. Rebecca on #

    yeah, dude. you could have special topics or whatever. maybe even interview people! that’d be awesome. hehe. 😀

  33. Ally on #

    aw like all the authors and people haha that would be cool


  34. Ally on #

    oh wow there was a bomb threat?? ahh!
    AND you got to meet Scott and Justine!! how dare you. no im just kidding. as you can tell i just read your blog..sorry but i was bored and it is currently 12:12(wow) and there was nothing else to do.. justine and scott should come to arkansas for the extras tour during octoberish but they probaly get tired of people telling them where to go..
    off to bed i guess 🙁

  35. Ally on #

    oh sorry potato no im in Arkansas haha big difference form california.. i wish i was in california..

    sorry for the double wait no triple post. dont hate me..

  36. Katerate on #

    I miss the days when comment threads were treated like comment threads instead of chatrooms. 🙁

    I bought Magic’s Child yesterday, by the way, Justine :D.

  37. potato on #

    i like the idea of our own blog but i have no idea how to do it!
    oh that is far from cali is it by NY???

  38. Doselle Young on #

    Hey, Justine:

    I’ll see you in New York!

    Yeah! That’s right. New York.



  39. Rebecca on #

    ally and potato: here’s a link to wordpress, which is the type of blog that justine and scott use. all you have to do is click on “start a blog in seconds” and the site will pretty much tell you what to do from there. if you want, you can email me about it if you’ve got questions. my email’s breca_halley at yahoo dot com. 🙂

  40. Ally on #

    hey potato will you e-mail me b/c for some reason its not letting me do yours
    brasko2011 at hotmail dot com

    sorry people for having conversations on here! im stopping….now

  41. calliope on #

    continue conversations! there funny. cali is reeeaaaallyyyy far from ny (across the country). post a limn-++!

  42. Dess on #

    im in Pennsylvania. its like 78 degrees farenheit(or however you spell it) its olny like the third day we’ve had warm weather this spring. stupid global warming messing up the season changes.

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