1. maureen on #

    Is that what Australia looks like? I so want to go there.

  2. Justine on #

    That’s what a beach in Victoria looks like in autumn with zombies on it. Where abouts is it, Lili?

  3. Dawn on #

    I wanna go! (and hear sexy australian accents! ;))

  4. holly on #


  5. lili on #

    it’s sandy point, or sandy beach, or sandy something. i can’t remember. in victoria, on the way to wilson’s prom.

    and it was actually a freakishly cold JANUARY day (remember usians, january is middle of summer here. so much for beach bronzed aussie babes…). it was so cold we all turned into zombies. (with sexy accents)

  6. John H on #

    I don’t know–the one on the left looks like she’d rather be a unicorn! 🙂

  7. february on #

    he looks a little old to be at melbourne high …

  8. Sherwood Smith on #

    what, no bits falling off? what kindo zombies are these?

  9. PixelFish on #

    Oh, that reminds me. Calgary has taken to having an annual zombie walk. Last year my friends went as Dead Elvii.

  10. Simon Sherlock on #

    john h beat me to it over the unicorns…

  11. Rebecca on #

    that’s awesome. 😀

  12. jellyfish on #

    That’s me on the left there, wearing the middle aged lady’s fuzzy zip-up fleece that I found in the cupboard of the holiday house and that makes me look like a zombie who goes hiking in old growth forests on the weekend.

    Unicorns? Youse all are GOING DOWN.

    W.W.Z.D? Eat your pointy-horned brains, THAT’S WHAT.

  13. marrije on #

    actually, jellyfish, i think you are the one on the right here, if you’re the lovely zombie in the zip-up. so i expect you are clear of all unicorn aspersions.

  14. jellyfish on #

    Thanks, marrije. I have trouble with left and right. which is just what you’d expect from a person entrusted with advancing the cognitive development of your tiny children.


    Speaking of which, what is with the no capitals around here? controversial.

  15. marrije on #

    jellyfish, the tiny children in your care will be just fine, i expect. just don’t mention unicorns. you could read justine’s blogrules for the why about no capitals, and nifty tricks to circumvent that policy!

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