Norton nominee interviews

John Joseph Adams doesn’t quite have the full set (that would be Scott who’s not done his bit—he’s too busy writing Extras) but here are his interviews with the other Norton nominees:

I finally took a break from inhaling manga to inhale Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life as we knew it. Wow. I’ll admit I’m fond of post-apocalypse books to start with, but this is a decidely superior example. I read it in one sitting. Could not put it down. Go forth and read! My only complaint: It’d be nice to read one post-apocylpse where New York City and Sydney were not wiped off the face of the earth. Is that too much to ask?

If I were a SFWA member my head would be exploding trying to figure out which book to vote for. They’re all so good (take it as read that I’m not talking about Magic or Madness). Devilish and Peeps are so funny, Touching Darkness so scary and Life as we knew it made me cry.

But I’m still leaning towards Megan Whalen Turner’s King of Attolia. That trilogy is breath-takingly fabulous. I’ve read the first two books, The Thief and Queen of Attolia, many times and King twice. They get better with every read. I hug them to my chest. I honestly can’t think of a better fantasy trilogy. I really hope it wins.


  1. Gwenda on #

    I’m very, very curious to see the state of New York City in Pfeffer’s “sequel” to Life. Reading Devilish now and it makes me want cupcakes…

  2. robin on #

    Well, there’s always Vonnegut’s ‘Slapstick,’ where NY may be deserted, but is at least not decimated…

  3. Dawn on #

    I’ve never read Megan Whalen’s series. I’m kinda addicted to Sarah Dessen’s books right now, and I keep buying books that I want to read and haven’t so I really need to catch up on the books I’ve bought before I buy more. This is what I should do. Probably not what I’m going to do. I’ve been reading like a maniac lately, and I’m not really sure why. Last week alone I read Maureen’s 13 Little Blue Envelopes and Sarah’s This Lullaby. Right now I’m reading The Truth About Forever, and then next I’m planning on reading Scott’s The Last Days. I WOULD read Magic’s Child, but I still have to find it first! (I’m too impatient to buy things online. Its just not “how I do”.) 🙂 Anyway, I suppose I should add that triology to my list. And to end this extremely long comment off nicely…I don’t know who I’d vote for either.

  4. Chris S. on #

    Oooh! I totally second your recommendation of KING OF ATTOLIA. I read all three books last week: So! Very! Excellent! I think I read KING three times in a row. And the happy buzz stayed with me all weekend.

  5. Chris McLaren on #

    Well, I guess I’ll go order those Attolia books now…

  6. Justine on #

    Chris McLaren: And join SFWA and vote for King of Attolia!

  7. Rebecca on #

    have you read twisted yet? that book made me cry. no book has ever made me cry. it was amazing. life as we knew it sounds good. must put it on my to-read list. 😀

  8. TypesetJez on #

    Hello there, I just finished Magic’s Child (as of 8 minutes ago exactly) and I had to come on here and talk about how brilliant it was (spoiler free!).
    I had pre-ordered it from Amazon and since the day it was released I’ve been tracking it (isn’t the internet great?) and knew it would show up today, but that didn’t make me any less excited. A box with my name on it filled with hardcovers of the entire Magic or Madness series? How could I not be excited?
    But yes, I got it this morning and I only put it down to go into work. I finished it at exactly 23:59, technically still all in one day. I just couldn’t stop reading it! And it made me such an “active reader” which I’m usually not (usually I’m completely sucked into the book and my body may as well be empty) but your book was so good I would squeal, gasp, and at one point I was bouncing on my bed angrily (not fond of that new pairing you subjected us to). I’m not going to give any of your readers here a chance to spoil themselves (you know who you are, just go read the book!) but the whole story threw me for a curve, such an amazing twist!
    I sincerely hope you’ll do like Scott is with Extras because I really want to know what happens next!

    Oh, and expect a full review out of me on my blog once I actually get some sleep.

  9. Justine on #

    Rebecca: I have not read it yet, but given that I’ve loved all her other books, I’m expecting greatness!

    Typesetjez: Thank you! So pleased you liked it. Even more pleased I made you squeal! 🙂 I look forward to your review.

  10. Gwenda on #

    McLaren, you’ll ADORE those books. They’re definitely your kind of books.

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