If you were to ask I would tell you that I am not a fan of leggings. I think they look pretty revolting under skirts, capris, long jumpers (that’s sweaters to you Usians) or whatever you choose to pair them with. They’re ugly and enhance nothing.

Of course, I’d change my tune in a heartbeat if by leggings you meant these incredible Balenciaga robot-leg creations. Leggings like these I can embrace. Or, you know, wear. Is that totally Metropolis or what?

Unfortunately, the fabulous Lauren McLaughlin who told me about these beauties says they cost about the same as a house, or at least, a very expensive car. Le sigh. Have to wait for the cheaper knock offs I guess. And how comfortable would they be? Though for something that cool I think a bit of comfort could be sacrificed, don’t you?


  1. Lauren on #

    But Woofy says you need to pair it with this.

    Note to self: become millionaire.

  2. Justine on #

    Hah! Not sure bout the metal hip emphasis going on there . . .

    I reckon something like the middle image here would be more the go.

    The become-millionaire note still applies.

  3. Penni on #

    “Oh this old thing…oh yeah I just picked it up in this great little op shop I found in the suburbs… Honestly, I just threw it on this morning, I hardly know what I’m wearing some days [light casual laugh].”

    Ah but seriously, I just can’t come at the enormous sunglasses.

  4. Jim on #

    Those are pretty awesome. I didn’t realize that 3PO had become so fashionable.

  5. veejane on #

    I think that metal leggings on a cold morning would be — aieeee. Not in the fun way.

    Also, what is with the model wearing leggings, and then open-toed shoes?? Even really tall platform heels will not avail the freezy-toed next time it is snowing.

  6. Justine on #

    Veejane: And that is why wise people do not live where it is cold.

  7. Rebecca on #

    that goes on my top ten list of strangest things i’ve ever seen.

  8. Edward Willett on #

    “Cool” is the operative word. Imagine what they’d feel like at -35 with a stiff north wind blowing, somewhere like…oh, Regina, Saskatchewan, comes to mind for some reason…

  9. Nicky on #

    I’m with Jim..first thing I think of is 3PO branching into fashion.

    Leggings, open toes….ack I didn’t do that first time round. I think I’ll sleep through the next few years of fashion.

  10. woofy on #

    incidently, here’s a great blog about fashion, it is one of the worlds rareist things, intelligent fashion criticism/commentary, it’s by Cathy horyn and it’s quite good:

  11. the other sean on #

    Neat. But think of the surgery required just to put the damned things on. Unless you’re a stick-thin supermodel, of course.

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