1. nathaniel on #

    sweet. i Just watched the Japan/Brazil game in Rio, on a bar on the street in Copacabana, just off the beach. I don’t think I ever knew what a goal really sounded like until point number three for brazil. Wow. 😉

  2. orangedragonfly on #


    you’ve turned me into this monster-type thing, justine. it’s your fault. jumping off my couch, screaming at the tv, scaring the fur off my cats.

    fun times. 😛

  3. Cheryl on #

    Sheesh, never give a bloody Englishman a whistle. Thankfully it didn’t make any difference in the end. Bring on Italy!

  4. niki on #

    .. I had to beg the local sports bar to switch the match from brazil to australia – hard work but all was achived in the end! YEAH !

  5. John H on #

    yay, oz!

    and how did usa do?



  6. Rebecca on #

    argh! me. want. cable. TV. now! *le sigh* i suppose for now i will just have to settle for ogling pics of the soccer players. thanks for that one! 😀 😀

  7. marrije on #

    I’m sorry to say i am currently in denial about the whole stupid worldchampionships. stupid game. never liked it in the first place. also all refs are blind. and nurnberg is a stupidly hot city.

    yeah, holland lost, can you tell? stupid game. But I hope your lot win the cup! play on, aussies!

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