School Library Journal‘s Best Books of the Year

I mentioned a while ago that both Scott and me had made SLJ‘s best books of the year list. That issue is now available. I was very pleased by their description of Magic or Madness:

In this Australian page-turner, a resourceful teen tries to sort out her contentious family’s secrets and is astonishingly transported to New York City via a portal in her grandmother’s house. A potent mix of mystery and magic with a thoughtful exploration of personal-identity issues and familial relationships.

It also turns out that Scott has not one, but two books on the list: Peeps and Uglies. I’m dead proud. It’s one thing to be prolific, it’s another to be prolific and good. He’s had quite the amazing year, hasn’t he?


  1. nalo on #

    Sweet! Congratulations to you both!

  2. Justine on #

    Thanks! I’m still pinching myself. And Scott (which is much more fun).

  3. Carbonel on #

    We’re all beginning to think there’s something in the water down there in the antipodes–!

  4. barry on #

    I think you two are going to have to start sharing all this glory with the rest of the world. Wouldn’t want you two drunk with power or anything. ;^)

  5. Justine on #

    Carbonel: Water? We don’t drink water. It’s all beer all the time here in the land of Oz!

    Barry: “Sharing”? What is this word?

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