1. gwenda on #

    And is that your puking girl tee even?

    clearly the ultimate JL photo.

  2. Justine on #

    Yeah, it is. My favouritest T-shirt ever. I love the slightly puzzled expression on people’s faces as they stare it and then the horrified look of comprehension.

  3. Richard B. on #

    Um, yeah, actually that *is* yr ultimate author photo, as Ms. Bond sez. It’s like, you’re about to say something, but you’re already being over-ridden by your sentient mass of hair. Or something.

  4. cecil on #

    Looks like the fairies got you. Lovely!

  5. Sherwood Smith on #

    That is a gorgeous photo–why not use it on a book jacket? The flying hair looks magical!

  6. John Scalzi on #

    That is so HOT.

  7. David Moles on #

    totally punk rock.

  8. nalo on #

    Wow. Total ooloi hair. That’s so cool.

  9. Roger on #

    Rather fetching, though, I fancy it’s somewhat of a difficult look to maintain.

    Nothing to say about any of the cricket being played here and there on this fine globe of ours?

  10. a friend on #

    That’s incredible! You have to use that as your official photo. Do you think you could get Niki to take my photo?

  11. Justine on #

    Thanks everyone! Glad you were tickled, too. Niki’ll be dead pleased that you all like her photo.

    Ooloi hair, huh, Nalo? I likes it. I’ve always wanted to be like someone out of an Octavia Butler novel. Or maybe not . . . Still, Ooloi hair!

    We’ll see about it being used as an author photo. Maybe for the great Australian mangosteen cricket Elvis fairy book . . .

    Roger: cricket good!

  12. Rachel Brown on #

    That is an awesome photo. You look like Medusa.

  13. nalo on #

    If you’re going to be anyone out of an Octavia Butler novel, the ooloi are among the few characters who pretty much have a good time. Plus they get to have lots of sex.

  14. Justine on #

    Rachel: The secret is out: I am a gorgon!

    Nalo: Plus, as an ooloi I get to mess with other species. And have tentacles! What’s not to love?

  15. barry on #

    Best. Author. Picture. Ever!

    Heh, can just see you asking Razorbill to put it on your next book jacket.

  16. niki on #

    mmm – yes well we might have to photoshop a better facial expression on you ….but glad everyone enjoys the photo I have much better ones of justine though…hehehehehe

  17. Justine on #

    Barry: Yeah, I can’t really see them sticking that on the flap of the Magic or Madness books, can you? Fortunately my next book will be very silly. So there’s a shot it might get used.

    Niki: What’s wrong with that facial expression? (For the record: after this initial foto she made me move back to the super windy spot and had Scott tickle me in order to produce a facial expression she was happy with. Didn’t work, but. Photographers are evil!)

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