I love Shane Warne (even if he’s not as cute as Daniel Vettori*)

First one ever to bag 600 wickets, top scored for Australia, and hasn’t trodden on his stumps this test, nor has there been any new scandal in the past few days!! What is not to love about Our Shane?

From the BBC site

* For the record I do not have a crush on Daniel Vettori, but a friend of mine is going to marry him when she grows up. I haven’t had a crush on a cricketer since Michael Holding. Sigh.


  1. niki on #

    but can he save us ??? !! !! – this is my last posible chance to hassle the english and it’s just not happening ??!?!?!?!?

  2. woofy on #

    so how’s Australia doing? (why do I feel like I’m setting myself up here)

  3. Justine on #

    Why, Woofy, at this precise moment in time, Australia are not doing fabulously well, but a mere two days of the third test have passed. Teams have come back from much worse positions. Ooh, like, say England against Australia at Headingley in 1981. Australia enforced the follow-on and then bloody Botham went berko and won the test almost single handedly.

    I’m Australian and my people never say die!

  4. Cheryl on #

    Shane Warne is God. Don’t think much of the rest of your boys right now though.

  5. jonathan on #

    actually justine, it would be a more accurate reflection of the australian sporting public to say that we love our teams when they win, and dump ’em fast when they lose. sadly, we say ‘die’ rather quickly. can we win the test? hmmm. if shane can hold it together and avoid the follow-on and end up maybe 120 or so behind, and then rumble england for under 200, it could maybe happen. but it ain’t looking good.

  6. Justine on #

    That must just be a Perth thing. Where I come from we never give up!

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