non sequitur

Just reading the 8 & 15 August issue of the New Yorker which includes Louis Menaud making the following assertion about Edmund Wilson:

When it came to most physical activities, he was inept. He did not, for instance, know how to drive a car.

Excuse me?

Many people do not drive cars. Some of them are highly ept at a whole range of physical activities. They have simply chosen not to learn how to operate the greatest killing machine of this century and the last. Any fool, ept or not, can drive a car. Takes a wise person to choose not to.


  1. John Scalzi on #

    Nah. If you can’t drive a car, you’re not a complete human being. Says so right there in my car manual. And my car manual wouldn’t lie to me!

  2. gwenda on #

    Wow, that _is_ a non sequitur. My mind trying to figure out what it could possibly have been meant to mean (besides what it obviously does) pictures Wilson awkwardly attempting to “drive” a herd of driverless cars, ala cattle.

  3. Jenny D on #

    i caught that one too. i am sorry to say that i don’t have a driver’s license!

  4. steve on #

    But in Wilson’s case, not knowing how to drive never stopped him trying. It was a nightmare; I think you can still find some of the dents he left in buildings today…

    Nah, I’m kidding. The image of Edmund Wilson tooling around on sidewalks with folks leaping for their lives was too much to resist.

  5. ron on #

    another reason that I love you justien is that you used “ept” in that sentence. Every time I do or say that, people give me odd looks or challenge me, saying things like “that’s not a word!”… they just don’t get it. it almost excuses you eschewing upper case 🙂

  6. Justine on #

    Ron: Thanks, darls. You really must stop hanging out with such drones!

    Jenny D: why are you “sorry” to say that you don’t have a driver’s license? Own it with pride! I don’t have one. Lauren doesn’t. Scott doesn’t. All the best people don’t! Like Lauren said: cars blow.

  7. Jenny D on #

    all right, i henceforth own it with pride!

    another cool usage akin to ept is “couth”–you almost always only see uncouth, but i like these back-coinages.

  8. steve on #

    Also, ‘plussed.’

  9. Justine on #

    Those are both good. I always like to claim that I am full of gorm.

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