Magic or Madness in Australia

Two copies of the Australian edition of Magic or Madness just arrived. They’re beautiful. All tradepaperbacky and shiny and lovely and Australian, complete with the unique-to-the-Australian-edition afterword. It’ll be available in book stores there next month. My birthday month. Yay! Only sad thing is I won’t be there to see ’em till November. Sob. Why am I never in the country in which my books are coming out when they come out?

Here’s what it looks like being read by Marlowe, one of our Aussie house guests:

Marlowe thought the book was okay, but a bit lacking in train engines and explosions. I shall attempt to correct that in the sequel.


  1. Roger on #

    Can’t say as the little lad doesn’t have a point. While your book was rather entertaining I don’t remember a single choo choo train. Nor an explosion. Makes a fella think.

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