A Proper Con Report

I’ve been receiving some mail that is a little, um, miffed that my so-called con report doesn’t talk about any of the panels and readings I attended, or people I hung out with (not true: I mentioned Russ, Darren, Fiona and Richard), or give any sense of what the con was actually like.

a) That’s what my con was like: a cricketfest.

b) Sorry.

Here are people I hung out with who did write reports: Gwenda, Jed, Lauren, Scalzi.

Other than the cricket and catching up with my friends, my highlight was getting to hang out and gossip with Connie Willis—yes, I’m a pathetic fan girl—and you know what? As good a writer as she is I think I prefer listening to her telling stories. And I don’t care about what. She’s the best ranconteur I’ve ever met. And I know from ranconies.


  1. Cheryl on #

    scandalous. there is nothing more important in life than cricket. well, except a rugby match in which wales is playing.

  2. jonathan on #

    yeah. but lee is fit and going to play. mcgrath still might. there are a lot of twists and turns left in this series yet.

  3. Justine on #

    And we’re going to win the Ashes. Handily. But I’m hoping England keep making a good showing and the new enthusiasm there for the greatest sport ever keeps on keeping on.

  4. niki on #

    yes they are both in ! – cool – however still want a good game like last week so here’s hoping vaughan can manage to get over 30 !

  5. niki on #

    well at least that should help him get his average over 40 then 😉 …

  6. Justine on #

    Indeed. Twas a good day’s cricket. I especially enjoyed those late wickets. Here’s hoping Australia are over their severe case of the dropsies.

  7. niki on #

    …444’s got to be a bad omen – I predict a draw though …

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