Slightly Less Wimpy

Tonight I have managed staying awake until 2:50AM. Well, that is the time at this moment. I am bedward headed, but not quite there yet. (Shelly, I am but a sliver of my former self. Apologies.)

Things I learned at WisCon today (or, er, yesterday):

Robin McKinley and Scott Westerfeld have completely different modes of writing. Scott’s is more sensible, but Robin’s sounds like a whole lot more fun.

Ex-friend Mely might possibly regain friend status. maybe. If Serenity is never mentioned. Ever.

Doselle is the same age as me! And Lauren.

Good wine that costs money is way better than free cheap beer, especially when drunk with the likes of Chris & Gwenda.

Elad is a darling.

Pan Morigan is amazingly talented and, on top of having a divinely gorgeous voice, she can play the accordion!

Pizza at 2AM tastes way better than it actually is.

Sleep is good.

That is really, really all.


  1. Ron on #

    re: robin mckinley – i just wish her mode – wotever that may be – was quicker. she should write much more because we greedy fans are insatiable and can’t get enuf. scooter tho’ is very generous with his words and writes many books and we love him for it.

    …and love reading your blog too 🙂

    (god i seem to be just gushing lurve this morning, better go and do something to staunch the flow!)

  2. Jenny D on #

    I want to hear more about Scott’s and Robin’s writing modes, too! That was a real teaser…

  3. Shelly Rae on #

    and now she’s so tired she can’t spell my name correctly. Oh wait, Justine is spelling challenged anyway, nevermind, at least she didn’t call me sherry.

    As for free beer…In my brain I’m constantly playing the free associative game and instead of hearing “free beer” I hear “freebird” and I run away from the thought of filkers doing endlessly renditions of the tales of Frodo & Sam’s love that centers on their passionate partings “and I must be traveling on now.” Terrifying, no? I’ll take the expensive wine, or preferably the single malt scotch over “free beer” anytime.

    Big kiss,
    Et Anon,

  4. Piscusfiche on #

    I too am wishing to hear more of comparative writing styles. Robin McKinley is one of my favourites–and I’d read almost anything she wrote.

  5. Justine on #

    jenny d and piscusfiche–there’ll be a musing all about my wiscon experiences and I promise I’ll go into more detail about the panel Scott and Robin McKinley were on where they talked about how they write etc.

    Shelly–it was the wee hours and yeah I can’t spell anyways. Sorry, but. Yes on single malt!

    Ron–thanks, sweetie!

  6. jason erik lundberg on #

    justine, i never got to introduce myself, since you always seemed to be surrounded by much more interesting people than me, but i wanted to let you know that your reading was wonderful, and thanks for the peanut butter cookie.

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