My Sister Rosa USA Cover! (Updated)

My US publisher, Soho Teen, have come up with an amazing cover for My Sister Rosa. Feast your eyes:


What do you think? I love it. I love the echoes of the famous Silence of the Lambs poster. It also reminds me of the cover of my parents’ edition of John Fowles’ The Collector, which I read as a kid, which I can’t find online. Boo! Which also had a pinned butterfly. It’s a wonderful evocation of psychopathy. Well done!

I honestly can’t decide which cover I like best: the Australian one or the US one.

My Sister Rosa will be out in the US in November. You can read the first chapter here and more about where I got the idea here.

Meanwhile it will be out in Australia and New Zealand in two weeks. SO SOON!

Update: I forgot to say who the cover designer is. Vanessa Han. Doesn’t she do fab work?


  1. Lucie on #

    Will this book be released as an ebook ?

    • Justine on #

      Yes, it will. All my most recent books are available as ebooks. Ebooks are standard now.

      • Lucie on #

        I’m asking because I couldn’t find a kindle version of Razorhurst on amazon.

          • Lucie on #

            I’m in France. The link tells me that “this title is not currently available for purchase”. And it’s not showing at all on french amazon. Anyway I bought it in paperback so it doesn’t really matter but I really hope I’ll be able to buy My sister Rosa as a kindle.

            • Justine on #

              The rights to Razorhurst have only sold in North America and ANZ. So those are the only territories where you can buy an electronic version. It’s a rights thing. Though if it had sold in France it would be a French-language ebook that would be available. Sorry.

              Thanks for buying it in the paper form!

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