What Scalzi Said

Most of you will know that Amazon has stopped selling books by Macmillan authors. (If you don’t know about it read Scott’s take.) John Scalzi has just called for people to support the affected authors:1

So rather than focus on what should happen to Amazon or Macmillan, here’s an idea, and here’s my point: let’s us focus on the writers, who are getting kinda screwed here. None of this is their fault, it has nothing to do with them, and they don’t deserve to lose sales and their livelihood while this thing goes down. If you want to make a statement here, don’t make it against a corporation, who isn’t listening anyway. Make it for someone, and someone who will appreciate the support.

Support the authors affected. Buy their books.

What Scalzi said.

To find out which authors are affected go to the Macmillan site. They have several imprints publishing YA and childrens books, such as FSG, Feiwell & Friends, and Henry Holt.

It’s always a good time to buy a book, but maybe now’s an even better time than usual.2 I know I’m going to.

  1. If you’re wondering, no, neither Scott nor I are directly affected. The bulk of our books are not with Macmillan publishers. []
  2. If you’re broke see if you can get your library to order in some new books or bully your rich friends into spending some of their riches on books. []


  1. J. Andrews on #

    Good idea.

    And about the library suggestion. Some libraries will have a ‘purchase request’ or ‘recommend a book’ form on their website. Or an Email address you can write to. So that’s something you can do in about 5 minutes, without leaving your computer (or internet-enabled device of preference).

    But it would be good form to then pick up the book from the library and read it. 🙂

  2. rockinlibrarian on #

    Thanks for that second footnote. I always appreciate when people acknowledge the book lovers who get all their reading from the library instead of the stores.

  3. Doret on #

    I first heard about Amazon pulling Macmillan titles on Jan 31.

    I wanted to do a post but I thought (and hope) it would be too late, that everything would be back to normal very soon. This couldn’t possibly last longer than a day or two. I was wrong so here is my post


    I linked the books directly to the publishers site. They all can be purchased directly there or spend your money where you feel welcome and support your local bookstore.

    And I am all about the library as well. I currently have Letting go of Bobby James or how I found myself of steam by Valerie Hobbs check out. It’s YA novel published under a Macmillan imprint.

    I hope everyone who blogs will take a moment to remember and talk up Macmillan books they love.

    I’ve taken up enough comment space but I can’t leave without saying I loved Scott’s comments over at Scalzi’s.

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