Sydney Christmas

This year Scott and me hosted the family xmas at our new digs. This is the first time in my entire life it’s been held anywhere but at my parents’ place. Made me feel very grown up indeed.

Because of our recent Istanbul sojurn we went with a Turkish feast. Here’s me and Scott putting the finishing touches on the main course patates bastisi (potato casserole) and çingene pilavi (gypsy salad) and part of the mezze (first course) haveuç köftesi (carrot rolls with apricots and pine nuts):


And here’s the mezze spread on the table. The dishes are aci domates ezmesi (chilli tomato paste), yoghurt with garlic and lemon juice to go with the carrot rolls, kisir (bulgur patties) which you squeeze lemon on (see the wedge on everyone’s plate), humus (which my sister made), and muhammara (walnut and capsicum dip):


The meal was powered by garlic (it was in every single dish—even dessert! Just kidding! Or am I?) and our mighty mortar and pestle (two of them: one huge, one wee). All the recipes come from Classic Turkish Cookery by Ghillie Başan, which is dead good.

Hope you’re all eating and drinking as well as we are!


  1. Maureen Johnson on #

    I want all of these things. I will be at your house tomorrow.

  2. CW on #

    Merry Christmas Miss Justine! Was your feast all vegetarian? Looks lovely 🙂

  3. Justine on #

    Maureen: You are most welcome.

    CW: It was indeed all vegetarian.

  4. Ellen Kushner on #

    Yum! Turkish food is so much better than plain old turkey. And congrats on your ascension to Generation that Feeds/Hosts the Family.

  5. Sean the Blogonaut on #

    This year was the first I had spent away from family (we usually dine at my parents), we have just moved to a 120 year old farm house in South Australia. So we spent the day with newly made friends. Enjoyed a traditional English lunch. Must admit though the Turkish feast looks delish – will you post the recipes?

  6. Morgan on #

    Glad you ate well. My Christmas featured delicious Cuban food by virtue of my Cuban-born mother-in-law, who is a terrific cook.

  7. Lauren on #

    Hey Justine,

    send those recipes to me, okay?
    and I LOVED LIAR! it was good…. why don’t you have love is hell on you site? I didn’t even know you took part in it until I searched the web… Thanks for writing!

    P.S do you have any different publishing company you could post here, because, well I’m writing four novels and well, I wanted to get them published before I’m in college… thanks so much!


  8. Holly Black on #

    Wow, that looks delicious!

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