Tour Almost Over + Gorgeous Art

Today (yesterday) I had my last school events of the Liar tour at Joliet West High School and Glenbard South High School in the outer suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The students at both schools were amazing and asked many smart, engaged, funny questions. It was a total pleasure to meet you all. Thank you.

In other news Cristina Hernadez posted her midterm project for her painting class on her blog and I was so impressed I asked if I could share it with you here. Remember, Cristina? She’s the one who photoshopped a very disturbing version of Maureen Johnson’s Suite Scarlett.

Here’s her midterm painting:

Wow, huh? Cristina also had to write an essay about the painting and I couldn’t help laughing when she wrote this:

Honestly, the hardest part of the project was the ESSAY. I mean, I think I finally understand** why authors moan so much about the “where do you get your ideas” “how did you came up with X idea” kind of question. Because it IS hard to answer!

That’s exactly it. So much easier to write a novel then to explain where it came from. I’ve spent the last few weeks explaining where Liar came from. And honestly? It was mostly bunkum. I don’t really know where it came from. It just is. I can talk to you all day long about the process of writing with lots of singing the praises of Scrivener but ideas? Ideas are magic. No one knows where they come from.

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  1. Jodie on #

    Wow I’m floored, that is so lovely! I really love how the colour choice reflects a cozy, bookish atmosphere, but the two bright book spines keep it feeling modern.

  2. Summer on #


  3. Katie on #

    That art is quite fantastic. 😀 I just wanted to say yay to a fellow Scrivener user. It’s quite the fantastic program, yes?

  4. Cristina on #

    Justine, it makes me ridiculously happy to know that YOU [and Jodie, Summer and Katie] liked the painting. I’m often surprised anyone beside my parents would like anything I do, so the fact that someone, and specifically someone I admire, likes it –it’s super awesome! THANK YOU!

  5. Lisa Asanuma on #

    That painting is just lovely. How exciting it must be to see something you created re-created in pop-art!

  6. Sandie Lee on #

    I absolutely love this picture 🙂

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