Blog Every Day Month

I wasn’t going to mention Maureen Johnson’s Blog Every Day Month (BEDA) thingie because I already blog every day and think those who don’t already are losers lucky not to be addicted to blogging the way I am. Seriously I shake if I don’t blog once a day. The only days I miss are when Scott drags me away to some benighted place without intramanet access. He claims these are “holidays” and I should be having “fun” on them. Where is the fun without my blog?

*Heh hem* I digress.

The point of this post is to publicly admit that what Maureen is doing this month is pretty amazing. See, Maureen doesn’t blog the way I do. Her shortest posts clock in at around one thousand words. I have posts that are in Twitter range. So my once-a-day blogging is not the same as her once-a-day epic essay + photos of Cary Grant.

What she’s doing is more akin to what I did in January when I answered all your writing questions and you tricked me by asking really hard ones that required acres of wordage to respond to. I got very little of my own writing done that month and by the end of it I was knackered. Don’t get me wrong I had fun but it was not as relaxing as my usual blogging. Youse lot made me THINK! Which is why it will be a very long time before I dedicate a month to answering publishing questions.1 Perhaps next time it’ll just be a week and I’ll stipulate that you can only ask yes/no questions.

So, I’m sorry for being mean, Maureen! Blog like the wind!2

  1. Which in January I foolishly mentioned I would. []
  2. In a non-flatulent way. []


  1. Julia Rios on #

    I’m super impressed with Maureen’s efforts this month. I am a read often, post only occasionally sort of person, so I can relate to Maureen’s less frequent posting habits outside of April. And my usual posts are nowhere near hers for length and hilarity.

  2. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    Indeed. Writing long blog posts takes ages and I doubt Maureen has nothing else to do this month. Illustrating them takes longer than it seem, too (I’ve been trying to do that a little lately and the experience has been eye-opening).

    So, yay for Maureen and yay for the concise, informative, regular stories on this blog too. Short and interesting isn’t eas, either. You writer people. Always making things look easier than they are. Tricksters, the lot of you.

  3. Justine on #

    Malcolm: Hey! I write super long ones too you know! *pouts*

  4. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    Um… And they’re fun, too. I read all of January. I remember. You make them so interesting they seem like short pieces because they should be even longer.

    Pleasing the proprietor in this place is tricky these days. Look! Shiny object. Seagull! Quokka!

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