Margo Lanagan and me

Will be chatting tomorrow night at Kinokuniya here in sunny Sydney. We will say many wise and excellent things. If you are within a 500k radius you cannot miss this! Margo is genius! I can do a passable imitation of a genius!1

Here are details:

5 March 2009, 6:00PM
Me and Margo Lanagan in conversation
Books Kinokuniya
Level 2, The Galeries Victoria
500 George St
Sydney NSW

I will have MANY How To Ditch Your Fairy bookmarks. How can you resist such excellent enticements?

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. hereandnow on #

    The only way I can resist is the knowledge of certain death-by-teammate if I fail to attend netball tomorrow night. While I’m confident this would lead to zombification — and possibly wacky hijinks — I’m afraid I’m not quite ready to join the ranks of the undead yet.

    I had a super-awesome time at your last Kino event, so I’m really sorry I can’t make it to hear all the wise and excellent things that you and Margo say.

  2. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    I will even forgo the Trudy Canavan signing at Galaxy Books, just around the corner to attend (you author people need to get your calendars coordinated. Really and truly!)

  3. john cash on #

    A fairy we could all use…
    “The Manga Guide to Databases” A strange book and a magic fairy help Princess Ruruta manage her data and save her kingdom. Graphic novel.

  4. crazynaomi likes to read on #

    oh dear me, I think I’m about to have a gushing session.

    it was fantastic! I love it when you do a Kino event! It’s always so refreshing! Plus, to have had the incredible and amazing Margo Lanagan was a treat in itself!

    I couldn’t stop talking about the event to all my book friends and now I think you are going to end up with even more fans, hurrah… albeit, they may be a little nuts… but not certifiable nuts… well, not yet.

    Sadly, I completely missed the oh-so-exciting bookmarks as I was enticed by the event itself! Sigh. the tragedy of it all.

    I’m sure the allure and excitement of bookmarks will bring me back to Kino for your next event! Thanks for doing the author talks as well as having a great online presence! It makes a huge difference to my daily (cough) procrastinating (when I say procrastinating, I actually mean work) routine!

  5. Justine on #

    Crazynaomi: I’m so sorry. There were no bookmarks because—and I’m REALLY ashamed to admit this—I forgot them. Yes, I suck.

    I’m really pleased you enjoyed it despite my dreadful bookmark forgettage.

    Yup, Margo’s totally fabulous. Not to mention Australia’s best writer.

    I bet there will be more Kino events in future. Thanks so much for coming.

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