Yes, the site was down

And may be down again while it’s upgraded to a dedicated server.

Today has not been a happy day. I hate to be separated from my blog for so many hours. And it went down right in the middle of my putting up a teaser for my new story in Love is Hell. Wah!

If anyone can recommend a reliable new host I’m all ears. Or, you know, eyes . . .

There are already some suggestions over here. Thanks, Scalzi! I’d be curious to hear what others think of those suggestions.


  1. scott on #

    Thank goodness. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without

  2. Emily on #

    hahah! I missed you!!!

  3. Becky Johnson on #

    We recently started using Media Temple at my work and they seem really great so far. Also, think host, blue host and dreamhost are good places too.

  4. Patrick on #

    So, uh, it appears that you may currently be using Registered through tucows?

    Personally, I would say, since that is who I use and have not had any problems, but then I don’t have any readers and most likely wouldn’t know.

    And that said, Scalzi moved from because HE had problems with them.

    That said, your IP address is hosting 388 websites and mine only has 116 which could mean nothing depending on the hardware.

    One day I hope to have host problems….

  5. Patrick on #

    BTW – what’s up with Diana’s site?

    She’s down and appears to be using and has 633 sites on the same server…

  6. Amber on #

    Some of us were a little worried when you disappeared from the ether the day after we gave you stale/ poisonous Arnott’s biscuits in Toronto. The timing was ominous. We imagined was found collapsed on the internet floor, feet twitching slightly.

  7. Julia Rios on #

    I’ll second the commenter on Scalzi’s blog who voted for We’ve tried different places, but Pair has been the most consistent and well-supported.

  8. Paul on #

    The right solution really depends entirely on the bandwidth (and CPU/disk load) that your site incurs. Depending upon those scenarios you may be best served with better shared hosting, a VPS, dedicated server, or cloud hosting. Overall reliability, maintenance requirements, and cost will also differ dramatically between those options. I work (tangentially) in this industry, so if you can/want to provide that data I’d be happy to help some more.

  9. aguido on #

    Your site is running the WordPress blogging software, so a place to start would be the WordPress project’s list of recommended hosting at:

    Most of my stuff is on the second-listed outfit, Dreamhost, and if you like adventure they’re fine. For someone who’s already crunched up one shared server and doesn’t want to do it again, perhaps MediaTemple is more the way.

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