A most excellent day

The sun is shining, the sky is clear, you can see the entire length of the avenue, the Chrysler Building gleams and last night the New York Liberty made it into the conference finals. Let’s go, Liberty! (And San Antonio got through to their conference finals. Oh, how I long for those two to meet in the WNBA finals. That would make my year!)

My editor loves my new book, work is going great on the even newer book—how much fun is it researching NYC in the thirties? VERY FUN—and HTDYF keeps getting lovely reviews. In my world everything is fabulous.1

How about youse lot? I had to shut down the old Good News post on account of evil spam so why not tell me your good news and sources of happiness here instead?

Me, I’m turning the computer off and going out to enjoy the glorious, glorious day!



  1. *Cough* It helps to not read newspapers or news blogs. []


  1. Phil on #

    Things are going well down here in Miami too, despite the sullen weather. I just cracked 60,000 on my novel, and am plowing ahead with the end firmly in sight. It’s great to hit your stride knowing that everything is going to fall in place and enjoying every step of the way!

  2. Dave H. on #

    My daughter is actually hoping that Los Angeles wins the West, because she really wants to see the Shock win another championship – she and Angie were in the crowd when they beat Sacramento in Game 5 in 2006 – but she doesn’t want them to play Seattle or San Antonio in the finals.

    She loves the Shock, but wouldn’t even go to the Detroit-Seattle game because she couldn’t stand the idea of seeing Swin Cash play for the other team. Swin always asked about Brittany, and when Britt finally got to meet her, Swin asked how she liked her new room and her new kitten … Britt was so thrilled that she could barely talk.

    And, of course, San Antonio has the nicest person alive – Ruth Riley. In 2005, my dad passed away after a long illness that started toward the end of the Shock season. By the time he died, Ruth was playing in Israel, but heard about it and took the time to contact the Shock PR person to get my email address so that she could send her condolences.

    So Britt doesn’t want to see the Shock beat either of them. She wants to see them beat the evil Sparks again!

    (Of course, that would require Detroit winning Game 3 tonight without Plenette Pierson while Indiana still has Ebony Hoffman, which is ridiculous, and then to beat New York while playing their home games in a university gym an hour away from the Palace.)

  3. Bethany on #

    Hi! I’m not outside, and I don’t follow any sport, but today was a nice day for me. Yesterday i was sick (small fever, headache when walking, sniffles, tiredness, etc.) but today I was much better! I stayed home from school, took lots of naps, and didn’t worry about anything. Also, I had some very very yummy Indian nan, which made my tummy happy. The skies are blue, and I’m considering going to lie in a park and rejoice that people are not hammering outside my window anymore. I am very happy about your basketball team too, as I’m a New Yorker too. I hope that niceness will continue for a while, so I can continue my campaign of blithely ignoring the coming winter. What winter?

    I think I’ll put on some happy songs and dance. (MIKA, “The Show” by Lenka, maybe the Fratellis, who knows? I have an iTunes genius to make my playlist! Cool!)

    Thanks for the post. I loved your “good news” post, especially the comments, and I’m looking forward to all the nice comments on this one.

    P.S. I just re-read my post, so please put down any failings in sentence structure or comprehension down to being sick, okay?

  4. Julia Rios on #

    Spent the bulk of the afternoon reading the end of Agnes Grey with a contented cat in my lap, and am now anticipating delicious seared tuna and alien looking vegetable for dinner.

  5. Jane on #

    Congrast on your books! I can’t wait to read the new new ones.

    I got new shoes today!!!!! 🙂

  6. Dave H. on #

    You *do* realize that the Michigan stint of your tour starts the day after Game 3 of the Shock-Liberty series, right?

    One of us is going to have serious bragging rights. 🙂

  7. the dragonfly on #

    My good news?? I won a copy of How to Ditch Your Fairy on Diana’s blog!!!!!! How cool is that??! I’m about 2/3 through it…in fact, when I catch up on your blog I’m going back to it! 😛

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