Third HTDYF Review

This is getting a little bit nuts. (In a very good way!) The book isn’t even out until September and yet here’s a review by Carlie Webber of Librarilly Blonde. It’s a tiny bit more spoilery than the other two but just as enthusiastic:

Why you’ll love it: First, it’s funny. There is never enough humor in YA, and HTDYF is not only funny, but it’s a smart, sarcastic kind of funny.

I can’t tell you how pleasing it is to hear that people are amused. Writing a comedy filled me with terror that no one would laugh. But at least three people have so far. This week’s reviews have made me very happy. Thank you.

Waiting to hear what people thought of your book is one of the weirder stages of being a novelist. It’s vastly nervous-making. Especially when your book is a big departure from your previous novels.1 These early positive reviews are making me feel much more relaxed about HTDYF making it’s way into print. Even if every other review tears it apart, I’ll have these three to hug to my chest. And I’ll have Carlie’s Jay-Z inspired How To Ditch Your Fairy rap, which made me laugh and laugh:

If you feelin’ like a jock, girl, go and brush your fairy off
Walk everywhere girl, go and brush your fairy off
Fairies is crazy, baby, don’t forget Fiorenze told you
Get that fairy off your shoulder

And, yes, you really do have to read the book for that to make sense.

  1. Though nothing is as anxiety-making as waiting for your first book to come out. My thoughts are with you Lauren, Carrie and Sarah! []


  1. Patrick on #

    See, if I had an ARC(since I am on the cover) I too could say nice things about HTDYF.


  2. Carrie R. on #

    Awesome review!! I can’t wait to read it!! (and thanks for the thoughts… 🙂

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