Sad, homesick and whingey

I think the title says it all. Rather than me bore you with a description of same how about you lot cheer me up? Links to amusing sites, comics, whatever. Suggest fun reading, viewing, listening. Share an amusing anecdote. Make me think about something other than my not being in Sydney.

Yours in whingerland,



  1. LJ on #

    aww poor justine!

  2. sable_starr on #

    – watch Korean and Japanese dramas
    – read Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Ouran High School Host Club
    – watch Office Space
    – start watching How I Met Your Mother
    – eat ice cream
    – listen to PJ Harvey/Franz Ferdinand/Spoon/Cibo Matto
    – go on
    – try to figure out why Rob Thomas is part of the new 90210 or why Joss just won’t let Buffy live in peace with the recent talks of the Buffy on Broadway
    – predictions about Joss Whedon’s new show, Dollhouse and when FOX will axe it
    – read Couch Baron’s awesome recap of Buffy’s Season 3 Christmas episode or any of his other recaps on TWOP

    Okay, that’s all I’ve got.

  3. Hillary! on #

    You should watch them Japanese competition shows like Unbeatable Banzuke and Ninja Warrior, they always make me giggle no matter how down in the dumps I am.

    I get to go to BEA on May 30th. Well, only if Juliene answers my e-mail I will, and if I do, I get to see Neil Gaiman! ISN’T THAT AWESOME NEWS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I won a High School Achievement Award in Library Science and was given the latest novel of a very popular vampire novelist that’s not a vampire novel, but kind of about beings invading other beings bodies. It totally through threw me for a loop because I really wanted this book but hadn’t said anything about it to my teacher.

    My cousin is getting married on June 8th.

    That’s all that I can think of. I hope you fell a little less sad.

  4. cathy on #

    I find reading a Pratchett novel or a book by Christopher Moore or Jonathan Moore (esp. Heroics for Beginners) generally makes me laugh, so they’re good for when I need to be cheered up.

    If I’m looking for a comfort book – Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land or possibly Ant & Bee and the Rainbow.

    Here’s a joke I’ve always liked:

    Q: Why did the sweater cross the road?
    A: Because it was stapled to the chicken.

  5. Rachel Brown on #

    Watch Peking Opera Blues and Bride With White Hair.

  6. Megan Crewe on #

    You have probably already seen this, but I was just showing this to some writer friends the other day, and it made for much amusement:

    The Skinhead Hamlet

    Also, when I’m down I often turn to my fave smile-inducing books: THE PRINCESS BRIDE or THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY.

  7. Dave Hogg on #

    Look on the bright side – being on this side of the world means you can follow the Australia-West Indies Tests without having to stay up all night.

    Just think, you get all the excitement of test cricket without the stress of thinking your country might possibly lose.

    And it is certainly better than watching England and New Zealand play the “Bad Light Test Series, sponsored by The Dark and by Rain”.

  8. Steve Buchheit on #

    Go out and see your neighbors molting into summer this weekend as they shed the heavy outer coats, shake off the excess liquid, and unfold their wings of gingham in the warm air.

    Or, find or draw a map of Australia, put it on a cork board. Locate 50-100 live webcams that show some part of Australia and put a pin in the map for where they’re located. From the shadows, try and figure out which direction they’re pointed (although they’d all be dark right at the moment).

    So, a Frenchman walks into a bar with a parrot on his beret (which is how you can tell it’s a Frenchman). He walks up the to the bar and the bartender points and says, “Hey, that’s kind of unique. Where did you get him?”

    And the parrot says, “I got him in France. They’ve got millions of them there.”

  9. Laini Taylor on #

    How about Isabella Rossellini’s short films about insect sex, wherein she plays all the insects? SO WEIRD. And wonderful. And you’ll learn how spiders, praying mantises, snails, etc have sex!

  10. capt. cockatiel on #

    This always makes me happy:
    (I mean, it’s nearly ten minutes of awesome.)

    As for my anecdote (which is not so much amusing as… anecdote-y): I’m going to Oregon on Monday to see my favorite band from England.

  11. serafina zane on #

    well…i doubt the fact that i’ve got off school is bringing anyone except me much joy, but it is making me happy.
    but then again, how can one be sad when they are the owner of a BRAND NEW ARCTIC WHITE STRATOCASTER as of today in a total surprise?

    well, there’s this song. been listening to it over and over for weeks.
    especially when you consider the fact that, like all songs (really. all.) it’s about the zombie apocalypse. plus, it’s free.

    and in other news about cheerful things related to songs about supernaturalness…
    i mean, it’s about werewolves! and anyone who denys that is lying, even if they’re a member of the band. perhaps not the best sound quality ever, but the song completely owns.
    hey, that just reminded me that i’m GOING TO SEE THIS BAND IN A WEEK! wow, i’m just full of joy today, eh?

    a cool (if morbid) website?

    and that’s all i got.

  12. Beth on #

    I FINALLY found a copy of Magic or Madness, here in Oz. Through an inter-library loan, sent up from the central coast. Pretty cool, eh?

    And it is really COLD here at the moment. Remember how good warmness is.

  13. Haddy on #

    is the best most smart comic ever it rocks

  14. emily beth on #

    *HUG!!!!* I’m sorry your homesick. I know! This might work:

    1. Put on your new, adorable summer dress.

    2. Take some really great friends. *
    3. Drag them with you to Central Park! Go to the Shakespeare Garden, the Great Lawn, Strawberry Fields, the carrousel, and lots of other places. I was there with my friends today, and it was soooo fun!

    And remember, no more winter!!!!! Summer clothes! Summer weather! Niceness!

    * I suggest Maureen Johnson. She seems like she would be great to have with you in the park.

  15. robin on #

    read aloud from flowers in the attic and glory in the awesomeness.

  16. KT Horning on #

    The Evolution of Dance video on YouTube always makes me laugh, no matter how many times I watch it.

  17. Justine on #

    Thanks everyone. Fabulous! I think I will be laughing about Skinhead Hamlet for months!

  18. rebecca on #

    i am homesick too.

    family guy always cheers me up. cartoon network at 1:30 in the morning! and robot chicken right after. hurray for seth green.

    also, this:

  19. caitlin on #

    A few months ago I was enduring yet another bad month in my suddenly windowless studio — construction next door blocked my windows and the building is so close I can touch it. Then, I was handed a manuscript by one of my favorite writers — I devourved the brilliant and very funny How To Ditch Your Fairy the next day. Thank You! I wished for a good apt. fairy — I move next week.

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