1. Eric Luper on #

    I like the second one on the condition that it comes with the star for your forehead.

  2. Patrick on #

    Definitely the eye shadow of the second. And seriously, this thing is more than one day and those dresses have a 4 hour limit each. So, the gold is clearly a morning dress, the second is certainly an evening – what will you wear in the afternoon?

    And where to start on the second day?

  3. serafina zane on #

    oh, i know that well. right before i had to write a giant pivotal scene, which incidently took place under conditions that required the protag to be wearing a dress, i wasted an entire day trying to figure out what kind of dress she would wear instead of skipping past that one sentance of detail and actually writing. i still have the folder saved somewhere with all the dresses….i don’t think i’ve spent so much time on the Hot Topic website before or since. she wasn’t exactly a typical dress girl….

  4. sherwood on #


    That purple one is likely to get bits under people’s elbows and in their soup, but that gold one is the first word in ellygunce.

  5. kim on #

    i like the gold one because it looks anthena-ish and she is the goddes of wisdom and that is what yor are…….right??? 🙂

  6. jenn on #

    at heart, i’m a simple girl, so i say go for the gold!

  7. Ally on #

    I like the gold one.

    The picture looks like the cover of one of Maureens books :]

  8. Little Willow on #

    I would wear the gold dress if it were silver or soft purple – and I generally don’t wear sleeveless dresses.

  9. emily on #

    both are awesome, but you need to wear the second one when you really need an entrance. and, as eric luper said, as long as it comes with the star on your head.

    also, if you are going to go stay in a strange place, do you know what you need? you need a new set of pjs, just in case your hotel catches fire and you have to leave ion the middle of the night. you wouldn’t want to get caught in something old, would you? *someone faints from the very idea*

    and, you also need a new pair of shoes, so that even when your supply of dresses is worn down, you will still look fabulous in jeans.

    and then, you have to get another dress, to go with your new shoes, and maybe a bag or two, and some designer gloves, and scarves, and then maybe a pair of boots, in case it’s chilly, and maybe a couple new tops, for something more casual, and then jeans, to go with the tops, and then of course a few more dresses . . .

    god, i scare myself. 😀

  10. ariel cooke on #

    i think you should go simple. like, just the star on the forehead and the black gloves. that would really cause a sensation!

  11. Justine on #

    Ariel: I’m a YA author! We don’t drink or swear or have politics and we most certainly do not do nudity! The very idea!

  12. Camille on #

    Oh, I love the gold — it has a subtle Greekish, toga-ish vibe… I like the color of the second one better, but anyone with a beverage of any kind would be afraid to go near you, and then you might be thirsty. (That kinda goes for yesterday’s too. Very, uh, voluminous.)

    I think you should angle for the forehead star regardless, though.

  13. ysa on #

    the purple one! it must be the purple. with the star on the forehead and the evil looking make-up. though you may need a minion or two to pull that one off. does it come with minions?

    also, death to capitalization!

  14. Sean on #

    I really like the gold one, it’s very elegant, so it would pull off the “guest of honour” thing very well. Very glamorous. ^^

  15. Lauren on #

    You can TOTALLY pull off the gold one. Go for it! Can I borrow it afterwards?

  16. cecil on #

    they are all fantastic and you should get them all.

    but maybe if you can only get one, get the gold one. you’ll wear it probably to a lot more places.

    the others seem like going to the oscars, or some wear it one time only and never be seen it in again ball gown.

  17. lili on #

    the gold one is divine from the waist down, but the bodice kinda reminds me of a metal-plated Doctor Who villain. I liked the vivienne westwood best.

  18. Jeff Beeler on #

    Skirt and top although is really too dressy.

    Something casual you don’t mind getting dessert on.

    Something you can dance in for sure.

    ConFusion is a relaxicon with some literary aspects.

  19. Patrick on #

    Jeff, are you planning on throwing your dessert on her?

    If so, take pictures.

    Well, have someone else take pictures since your survivability rate would be quite low.

  20. rebecca on #

    the second one. it’s even better than the vivienne westwood.

  21. Liz on #

    Go for gold! Definitely. Marilyn crossed with Metropolis!

  22. emily on #

    i’m still rooting for you to go on a huge shopping spree (while taking pictures) and then change every few hours. everyone would be just getting used to your gold outfit when bam! you get the purple one on (with the star, of course), then, in a few hours, you pull on the viviane westwood one, and everyones like, woa! and you totally need at least 6 more to really pull it off. the gold is absolutely gorgeous, but the purple is so bright and out there, it stunning.

    patrick, i totally agree with you about jeff. i want to see pictures, especially of the killing bit.

  23. emily-wa on #

    this has absoulutely no relation to the post, but justine, did you know the hingham, massachusetts branch of barnes and noble stocks none of your books? i was very angry.

  24. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    I’m all for the multi-dress idea. Course, that might also mean multi-loan-dept, but surely the dresses are worth it.


  25. Shausto-la on #

    defdef the gold one. much more scifi, …and clashy with your hair.
    and on the topic of places not carrying books, apparently the chester county library branch does not feel your books are impotant enough to grace their shelves with their presence. ..and the librarians seem to ignore my -polite- asking of them to pleasse buy the books. cause right now i am completely broke. darn money..who needs it anyway

  26. Jeff Beeler on #

    No Patrick i will not be throwing dessert at anyone.

    As programming operations head for ConFusion I try to anticipate any and all eventualities.

    On second thought a gold lame Elvis suit would be cool but I like the gold dress best.

  27. ysa on #

    the gold elvis thingie. seriously. i once flew to vegas with three elvises in the coach cabin. well not actually to vegas, i merely changed planes there. but it was worth it! i got off the elvis plane and boarded a plane with two chers and a liza. it was most surreal.

  28. Suzanne on #

    Now that I know you’re buying a new outfit, I suppose I should throw more than a pair of jeans in my suitcase. Maybe the corset?

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