1. Patrick, The Space Lord on #

    if you go over to seventh street, between avenue A and b, there’s this door…

    I think it goes somewhere warm.

  2. Kenina-chan on #

    I know how you feel, we have a couple if inches of snow here, and it’s still snowing. I’ve grown up in NY, but I’m not used to the cold. If there was a single good thing about snow, I’d have to say that it’s an excuse for hot chocolate. It’s 19 degrees Fahrenheit and…. I just looked at the weather and there is this huge storm. The chances of Monday becoming a snow day is very small though. : (

  3. Justine on #

    Patrick: I tried that. Didn’t work. Stupid lying fiction.

    Kenina-Chan: My fingers are crossed that you get a snow day!

  4. Kenina-chan on #

    Yay!!! The powers of Justine are behind me! I’ll have to wear my pjs inside out and do the dance around the fridge just for good luck. (It’s a tradition at my school to do that when you want a snow day.)

  5. hereandnow on #

    Oh no! Looks very cold — but at least you are inside?

    it gets down to -6ish (Celsius) in my hometown . . . one of the reasons I’m happy not to spend winters there any more!

  6. serafina zane on #

    ha. there’s snow here too, but it’s more like an inch or so.
    too lazy to go check the actual temperature.

    snow is pretty. i hope i get a snow day too… i love missing school for things that don’t require me to do anything.

    heat is luckily working here today…afraid to go downstairs, even for hot chocolate.

  7. shloopy on #

    Yay! We have the amazing Justine on our side!

    At our school (I’m kenina’s sister) we have the tradition of wearing our pajamas inside-out to bed as a ritual to have a snow day. Usually we do this at the end of a marking period to extend deadlines.

    The snow is so pretty though! 21 isn’t so bad if there isn’t any wind and you have enough warm clothing.

    Last year in physical education, we did cross-country skiing in 20-degree weather with 0-degree wind chill for a full 30 minutes every other day. Thank God I switched P.E. teachers this year.

  8. serafina zane on #

    yeah, they do that at my school too.

    you want to know what’s REAALLY scary? when it’s actually in negative degrees. in farenheit. that’s when it’s really COLD. i know because i’ve seen it. -5 degrees farenheit. how much is that in celcius? probably like negative one hundred.
    cold just thinking about it.

  9. veejane on #

    I am wondering — does Veselka deliver? Because borscht and some nice potato pierogies seem in order for a winter scene like that. As long as you don’t have to go get it yourself.

    (The secret to surviving the winter is whipped cream. Really! It alleviates the monotony of the millionth cup of cocoa.)

  10. emily on #

    really? i want that to be a tradition at my school too! i think i’ll do that today, just for good luck.
    justine, the view outside your window is so pretty (for ny)! (i’m assuming that’s your window, right?)

    i just have to say this: snow! (although the stupid roads are cleared, so it probably won’t be a snow day πŸ™ )

    i’d much rather have snow + cold than just cold. (which is what it was yesterday)

    this is a really long + badly organized comment, but i’m too lazy to do anything about it.

  11. stormywriting on #

    I hate to tell you this, but it gets much, much worse. As Seraphina said… negative farenhiet is a LOT colder. And not all that uncommon. We just STARTED winter. πŸ™‚

    May I suggest cocoa, warm socks, and staying indoors? Snow is best appreciated from the heated side of a window, IMHO.

  12. Gabrielle on #

    Just a thought: It’s minus twenty back home in Montreal.

    Thought it’d cheer you up. ^^

  13. Veronica on #

    You know, I woke up an hour ago, and…it was like magic. I think that waking up and seeing snow falling and looking out the window and realizing that not only is it snowing, but it’s sticking, will always have that moment of magic and enchantment for me, that feeling of oh, wonder of wonders, hooray! let’s go out and play in the snow! For me it’s the only redeeming part of winter, the snow. But as one gets older, it’s harder to find someone to play with.

  14. marrije on #

    I see one newspaper box thingie has died of exposure across the street from you. poor thing.

    also I must admit that I am just the tiniest bit jealous of you for the weather you are having. we’re only getting a stupid rainstormlet here. and I will have to bike through it with my shopping in a bit to get home…

  15. janet on #

    Thast stupid “32 degrees is freezing” thing is why temperature is the only metric/English (or English/metric) conversion I still have trouble with. It would also help if 1 degree F weren’t 5/9 of a degree C.

    If it makes you feel better, Justine, I just go an email from Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park with some childrens/ya gift-giving ideas, and there was a glowing recommendation of the MORM trilogy.

  16. janet on #

    P.S. In Palo alto today there’s a 20% chance of rain. So you see we all have to suffer.

  17. dragonfly on #

    i remember days when i was in high school (not *too* long ago, maybe 12ish years) when the wind chill was -40F, and the actually temperature was around 0F.

    i despise cold. there is nothing more to say.

  18. Ally on #

    I want snow! its 70 and raining here. snow means automatic snowday! even if its like less than an inch. i love cold weather. it makes me happy πŸ™‚

  19. Erin on #

    -6 sounds practically tropical to me. It’s been hovering around -20 (celsius) here for the last week or so. But I live in Saskatchewan and we have notoriously cold winters. I suppose it all depends on what one’s used to.

  20. sherry on #

    It’s minus 13 here and a storm is blowing in. The only crap thing about working at home, is a snow day isn’t a break at all. It means I’m snowed into work–and if schools are closed, that becomes snowed in at work with four kids underfoot. So nix on the snowday please!!

  21. Patrick, The Space Lord on #

    a book of lies!!!! all lies! next you say there is no such thing as magic or quokkas.

  22. Cameron on #

    31 in Melbourne yesterday. I was forced to have a swim.

  23. Edwina on #

    Oh man that looks beautiful!

    Here in oz it’s overcast, steamy and we’ve had rain!

    …but im really a sucker for the snow. wanna swap?

  24. kim on #

    me wants its to snow. it never snows in texas.

    well it did snow a couple a years ago. then it was less than 1ft. and it was no where near me.

    me wants your snow, justine.

  25. Ted Lemon on #

    Well, it was nice to see snow outside the train at 5:30 am this morning when I got to the JFK MTA station, but it was a bit nippy. And they had to de-ice the plane, which sucked.

    On the plus side, your water is not liquid. In Vancouver, it was snowing when I arrived, but the snow quickly turned to rain, and when I went out to get a book and some dinner, it was pretty much a downpour. My overcoat is now damp.

    So the cold does have one small advantage, for what it’s worth. Plus, have you noticed how much steam there is in New York? Check it out sometime to take your mind off the cold. Look at the tops of buildings. It’s uncanny. Very dramatic, frankly, to see steam rising when it’s that cold out.

    And do remember the old New York trick of stopping every couple of blocks to shop and warm up. You don’t have to buy anything – just look. Takes longer to get where you’re going, but it’s fun!

  26. Kaleb on #

    HA! Here in Texas, it was so hot we had to turn the AC on.

  27. shelly rae on #

    Come visit me in Austin where it was sunny and got up to 82degrees today. I went for a run in shorts and a t-shirt. I didn’t turn the ac on–I like the heat!

  28. Kadie-Wa on #

    YAY snow! We got about 8 inches here.

  29. Rebecca on #

    you north types really ought to come down south. we have the air conditioner running b/c it was so hot. πŸ˜›

    i freeze in anything lower than 70 f, so i’m in awe of anyone who can actually survive in cold weather. down here, we get ice days, not snow days, and the entire city shuts down, ’cause no one down here even owns a parka or knows how to drive on ice and snow.

    they cancelled school for three days last year and one day we got a dusting of snow and it was soooo amazing. but other than that, i’m all about the warm weather.

  30. Tim on #

    Step 1. Go to Carmine’s with a bunch of your bestest friends when you all have *plenty* of time.

    Step 2. Park at a table with said bunch of your bestest friends and start ordering.

    Step 3. Stuff yourself senseless with course after course of steaming-hot Italian yummitude.

    Step 4. Keep repeating Step 3 for a good long while.

    Step 5. Have the man up front call you a cab so you don’t get chilled on your way back to your apartment.

    Step 6. Enjoying the enduring sense of peace, fullness, and warmth.

    Or, as others have suggested, just move here to Austin. we get snow roughly once per decade.

  31. Rebecca on #

    i take it all back. when i woke up this morning, it was in the 40s. woe. πŸ˜‰ though that’s still better than minus whatsit. sheez.

    hopefully it’ll be back to 75 by tomorrow. one can hope.

  32. Justine on #

    Edwina: Here in oz it’s overcast, steamy and we’ve had rain!

    Really? The entire country had the same weather? All over? From Darwin to Launceston? Broome to Wollongong? That’s one for the record books! πŸ™‚

  33. Edwina on #

    justine: Really? The entire country had the same weather? All over? From Darwin to Launceston? Broome to Wollongong? That’s one for the record books!

    Oh yeah, and I swear to god the sky is rainbow coloured too.

    …maybe that’s enough sugar for me for today. 0_o

  34. karen on #

    suggestion: don’t visit Canada in the winter. we had -22*C this morning with a wind chill of -35. nothing shuts down in this part of the country until the mercury drops to -40. well, i shut down before that, though i used to go out in those temps.

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