1. Jessica on #

    Hell yes!

  2. Harriet on #


  3. folk on LJ on #

    And he’s going to lose his seat. LOSE HIS SEAT! ‘scuse me, I need to go bask in schadenfreude’s toasty glow.

  4. Gillian on #

    it was one of those elections of the century. it’s like a door has opened and when we sneak a look through that door, we see hope.

  5. andrew macrae on #


  6. chrisbarnes on #

    A far better result than I dared hope for. I watched the ABC election coverage all night in fascination. A good night indeed!

  7. hereandnow on #

    The living room I was in looked like this:



  8. Kadie-Wa on #

    why was it a great day?

  9. Kenina-chan on #

    YAY!!!! *Dances Around*

  10. Justine on #

    Isn’t it the most wonderful thing ever? I managed to stay up till just before 5:30AM NYC time following it. Only to learn just now that I missed Howard’s concession by seconds. Gah!!!

    Kadie-Wa: Secret Oz business.

  11. Emmaco on #

    i haven’t been able to stop smiling all day! at least we ex-pats had the internet and phone and radio and so on to easily keep track of what was happening. time to go have some celebratory drinks i feel!

  12. Justine on #

    Indeed. Oh intramanets how I loves you. Almost as much as I love Maxine McKew.

  13. Malcolm on #

    I can only hope we’re all feeling this way in three or four years (and, yeah, I’m happy about the result, too).

  14. Cheryl on #

    Oh yes!

  15. Kadie-Wa on #


    Wait, I still don’t get it. Where is oz? Like the Wizard of oz??

  16. aden on #

    kadie-wa — oz is australia. and they got rid of howard in the elections for prime minister. whoo down under!

  17. kim on #

    why it is the best day ever?

    here it is the worst weather ever. it is cold, it is raining, it is cold, and it is below 50

  18. Kadie-Wa on #

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! thanks! I totally get it now. That helps a TON. Oz=Australia!! ohhh! Yay, now this is my happy day too!

  19. molly on #

    Hurray hurray hurray!

  20. Terry Frost on #

    The light on the hill will win out eventually. The Libs and Nats have nothing like it. Here’s hoping the nation’s future is brighter and focused on much more than economics.

  21. Kadie-Wa on #

    I feel very left out. Is it a holiday today for Oz…my calander doesn’t say anything about it…hmph. I’m stumped. Is it becasue there’s a full moon? I’m going to stop guessing now.

  22. janet on #

    When I heard the news on the radio, one of my first thoughts was “I’m going to have to congratulate Justine!”


  23. Ammy on #

    I must have been sitting glued to the tv for about 5 hours, watching the coverage. and it worked out my way in the end! yay!

    the friendly dentist is finally our pm!

  24. glenda larke on #

    Hey, it’s safe to go home now…*grinning*

  25. Gillian on #

    kadie-wa, Australia just had a change of government. This is why we’re so happy :).

  26. ruth on #

    oh wow
    happy day!!!!!
    so very excited
    and just a little delicate… too much happy making last night 😉

  27. emily on #

    is this like the australian equivelent of what would happen if bush got defeated?
    if it is, than yay!!!!

  28. Justine on #

    Emily: Yes, it is. We had eleven years of darkness and despair and now the bad man is gone.

  29. y.manynames on #

    happy happy joy joy! i would have responded faster but i was at the paaaaaarrrrrttttaaaaayyyyyyy! there were munchies and libations and dancing and such.

  30. calliope on #

    11 years?!?!?! that’s horrible! at least we only have bush for eight.

  31. Justine on #

    See my next post.

  32. Mike on #

    I was so anxious on polling day that I had to play The Smiths, twice. The result is better than anyone hoped.

  33. Kitty-Maree-Dahlila on #

    In a big way! We broke into the champers as soon as we got majority! It was actually 11 and a half painful years. Stop the pulp mills, please! (although, I’m actually from brisbane…)

  34. David Moles on #

    congrats! I’m even more tempted to move to australia than I already was.

  35. Andrew on #

    I hate to be a downer on this happy day for all Australians, but I have two words: Bob Rae.

    I know really obscure. He was the premier of Ontario from 1990 and 1995. He was the leader of the New Democratic party; this is the equivalent to the labour party in Canada.

    He ran as a New Democrat and ruled like a Tory. Still depresses me.

    Hopefully things will work out better in Australia. After all, Howard was evil; anybody who hates unions and loves george bush is evil in my book.


  36. amy fiske on #

    excellent news! oz gains hope and happiness and george loses his last toady. what more could anyone ask, really? oh yeah, we still have to do something about george…

  37. seanwilliams on #

    I am late in saying HELL YEAH!

    Does that mean you’ll come home now?

  38. Justine on #

    Sean: Sadly, not till February. Worst luck!

  39. seanwilliams on #

    Alas! That means you’ll miss the aurealis shindig. 🙁 But I’m looking forward to seeing you and Scott sometime soon after that. There’s champagne to be drunk in honour of Howard’s downfall…

  40. Gillian on #

    Sean, you’ll just have to drink Justine’s share of the champers. You can drink mine, too, since it doesn’t look as if I can get to brissie. (I think brissie should pick itself up and move to just ouside queanbeyan so that I can visit more frequently.)

  41. seanwilliams on #

    Thanks, Gillian. I’m not sure I’m physically able to imbibe that much champagne, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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