1. Steve Buchheit on #

    Hey, smell this, it’s awful. 🙂 I thought that was just a guy thing(tm).

    After that rip-roaring endorsement, yeah, getting right on reading that article.

  2. Justine on #

    I know. I know. But the article really is worth reading. Truly! I’m just very freaked out by the beauty industry. By all these folks (mostly women) paying to have needles stuck into their face to paralyse the muscles. I cannot contain my ewws over it.

  3. Dawn on #

    I agree! EWW!! I’m pretty darn tolerant of needles, (given the choice between taking pills or getting a shot I would actually choose the latter since pills irk me that much…) but not in my FACE!! And certainly not by choice! (medication definitely isn’t a choice.) I wouldn’t pay for that either. Then again, I’m only 20 right now. I don’t have lines and wrinkles and all that jazz. Maybe when I’m older I’ll be singing a different tune. I’d like to think I wouldn’t, though.

  4. alisa on #

    the plastics are coming…

    what gets me that i didn’t know was that it’s all in the name: botox. tox = toxin! hello! duh!

  5. suzi on #

    i think i am most repulsed by the way they liken the filler they put in to smooth out the wrinkles as “spackle”

  6. David Moles on #

    Wrinkle injections? Like, with syringes full of wrinkles?

  7. Justine on #

    David Moles: Nah. Cause that would be kind of interesting.

  8. maureen on #

    I feel judgemental after reading it . . . but I just think it’s horrible. Are our faces so terrible that we really have to resort to sticking needles full of rat killer in them? Do people really go without little things in life just so they can pay for these shots?

    I know they do, but it depresses the hell out of me.

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