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So I just noticed that of the 25 authors being interviewed this week as part of the summer blog tour only 3 are Australian (me, Sonya Hartnett and Shaun Tan).

Excuse me? That’s only 12%. It’s an outrage, I tell you!

On behalf of my compatriots I am now sulking until I get a firm promise of fair representation of Aussies next year. I reckon 50% would do it . . .

And there are many more interviews today, including this one with Cecil Castellucci and, um, one with me. (Eek! Enough already!)


  1. Dawn on #

    What a good interview! I love reading interviews and seeing what really goes on in authors’ minds sometimes. I also think it’s so interesting how really amazing authors (like yourself) can make things work out so well sometimes without even realizing it. All the parallels that the Magic or Madness triology has to real life and the issues of life…it’s totally amazing. I’m excited for your newest book next year!! 🙂

  2. Gwenda on #

    And I want some New Zealanders for the next round, so ha!

  3. Justine on #

    Dawn: Thank you so much!

    Gwenda: I’d be very happy for there to be more Kiwis. Elizabeth Knox and Margaret Mahey rule!

    Just so long as they don’t cut into the Aussie’s 50%.

  4. Cheryl on #

    yay! Elizabeth Knox is wonderful (and a fellow ‘Canes fan).

    So let’s get this right: 50% Australian, 50% Kiwi, and 50% Welsh so my people are represented too. I’m sure that if the organizers put in 150% effort this should be possible.

  5. The Bibliophile on #

    Just to needle you: according to the CIA world fact book (and we all know the CIA is *always* right), Australia makes up 0.31% of the world’s population. So it sounds like a 12% level of representation on this interview schedule is excellent representation!** 😉

    **Disclaimer: this blog post response is a reflection of population estimations only. the poster does not assume any responsibility for its accuracy or usefulness. 🙂

  6. Rebecca on #

    i liked this interview even better than the last. i really liked hearing you explain your thoughts behind the *spoilertastic* scene in magic lessons. i agree. also, it is great to know that you’re paying more attention to story than to themes when you write. 😀

  7. Colleen on #

    I was so worried about making sure we had authors of books that appealed to boys and books that appealed to girls, books that appealed to straight kids, books that appealed to gay kids, books wtih multicultural characters, graphic novels, mysteries, romance, adventure, fantasy, SF, family drama and on and on and on.

    I totally spaced on the Australian demographic.

    I am so so sorry. (And please let the Canadians not get wind of this either…..)

    I do hope to include Simmone Howell next time and Gwenda is dying to get Margaret Mahy and we will work hard at getting other Aussie authors as well.

    You would think as the mother of a child with pictures of Steve Irwin all over his bulletin board I would know better than this!!

  8. Justine on #

    Bibliophile: Your figures are completely inaccurate. Australians make up about 75% of the world’s population. I was being very kind settling for a mere 50% representation in the blog tour.

    Rebecca: Thanks! She asked some curly questions that I had not been asked before. Most enjoyable!

    Theme? What is this theme thing you speak of?

    Colleen: I’m shocked at all the frippery you were focussed on when you should have had your eyes on the all important Australian question. It’s such a relief to hear that you’ll fix it for next time.

  9. Maggie on #

    Well, I only see *one* Canadian, and she lives in the States, so I’m more outraged than you are!

  10. Justine on #

    Maggie: Aren’t Canadians just the same as Americans? 🙂

  11. Maggie on #

    LOL! *YOU’RE* bad!!!! 😉

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