My Future Writings

Magic’s Child only came out last Friday and already I’ve had a stack of letters and some comments here asking when there’ll be another book in the series.

Wow! I’m stoked at the enthusiasm and thrilled that you like the Magic or Madness world so much you want more. I’m not sure there’s a bigger compliment you can offer a writer. Thank you.

But right now I have no plans for more books set in that world.

Don’t yell at me! I’m not saying there won’t be books in the future. But there won’t be any in the immediate future.

Why? Lots of reasons but mostly because I need a break. I started work on the trilogy in June 2003 and had been thinking about it for months before then. I finished making corrections to Magic’s Child in early November 2006. So I spent more than three years solidly in that one world, with those same characters, and for now that’s enough. We need our space. Both the characters and me. Otherwise ugliness would ensue.

Also at the moment I have no idea what happens next. No clue at all. It’s very hard to write a book without any ideas.1

Right now I’m busy rewriting the fairy book (otherwise known as the Great Australian Elvis cricket fairy mangosteen YA novel), and on the weekend I started a new book.

What book was that? Remember I asked you all to vote on what I should write next?

Well, you voted and you chose by an overwhelming majority—

drum roll

very big drum roll

so big it’s still rolling

and rolling

and rolling




    The lodger book.2

So I started the sexy cricket one instead.

Nah, just kidding.

I really did start the lodger book. You know how sometimes starting a book consists of hours and hours of staring at the screen, lots of deciding the front room needs to be tidied, or that there’s urgent mail to be sent, or that it’s a long time since the sock (ew!) drawer was rearranged, or that perhaps a long walk is needed to get the thoughts to coalesce into words and sentences and paragraphs?

Not this time.

I sat down to write the lodger novel and had several thousands words in a matter of seconds. Scary excellent stuff! (I mean the writing process. I can’t tell about the words yet.) This book is practically writing itself. Yum.

Here’s hoping my Magic or Madness fans will enjoy also the fairy book and the lodger book. Oh, and that they find a publisher . . .

  1. I’m not saying it hasn’t been done. Do not ask me for examples! []
  2. The votes:
    Lodger book: 12
    Liar book: 8
    Cricket romance: 7
    Werewolf snowboarding epic: 6
    Baby killing ghost novel: 6
    Vintage clothes shop book: 4
    Hollywood book: 1
    NT family epic: 1
    Short story: 1 []


  1. Dawn on #

    I’m excited for both the books that you’re working on, and glad for you that the words are spilling out so easily! I didn’t think Scott would add another book to the Uglies series, but look at him now! Such makes me excited, and even though you may not be adding to Reason’s story any time soon no one knows what the future holds. May your Muse find it entertaining enough to continue attacking you so that you can keep going at it strong! 🙂

  2. robin on #

    Congratulations! (She types, chartreuse with jealousy and still waiting for inspiration to strike…)

  3. Rebecca on #

    yay!! it sounds wonderful. 😀 😀 😀 😀 sending many good publisher vibes your way.

  4. Faith on #

    Sounds great! I’m looking forward to reading anything that has your name on the cover!

    And I’m not so crushed about no more Magic & Madness books. I figure that story’s told, and I’m happy with it. You left everyone in a good place. It was satisfying. You treated your characters and your readers well.

  5. Rebecca James on #

    Hi Justine – have been lurking here for a while and just wanted to let you know that I like your blog so much that I went and ordered Magic or Madness. they didn’t HAVE it at our local Dymocks!!!?? ( i live in rural oz)

    can’t wait to read it.

  6. sherry on #

    Just finished Magic’s Child. It was one of those can’t put it down read late into the night books. Excellent finish, Justine.

    I have a question. When you started the series, did you outline the entire three books in some form before writing? Did you know how it ended in the beginning? Just curious.

    I’m sure we will all enjoy whatever you write next. It must feel kind of like Christmas dinner–you spend all that time preparing and it’s all over in an hour or so. You write for months and then your reader’s gobble it up in 24 hours.

    I can imagine what it must be like to live with the same story for so long. Can you imagine what Rowling feels like after a decade with the same characters? It must be a relief in a way to move on to something else.

  7. Justine on #

    Thanks everyone! You are all the best!

    Rebecca James: So pleased you like the blog. Hope Magic or Madness doesn’t disappoint. Whereabouts in rural oz are you?

    Sherry: I did outline all three books before beginning. For instance, I always knew [redacted] was going to get [redacted]. But the books also changed as I wrote them.

    I did think that I knew the ending of the whole trilogy but when I wrote Magic’s child the original ending didn’t make any sense. So I tried another one and another one and another one and repeat until the ending you read. Finishing Magic’s Child almost killed me. So I’m even more thrilled that it’s working for you and other readers. Phew!

    It’s exactly like christmas dinner. The first letter to come through asking for more Magic or Madness books was on Friday. It had only just come out!

  8. Ally on #

    what is the oz? just wondering..I don’t recognize it from geography class and we studied alot about Australia here in America..Arkansas to be exzact..(the middle of no where) Oh and also the book sounds very kool..I will read it for sure!

  9. Ariel Cooke on #

    Belatedly, can I put in a good word for the ghost-killing story and the liar? But the lodger one will be good too of course. Just as long as you keep on writing ’em! Please! Your many beeg fan…

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