Two surveys

My friend Laura is writing a book with Men’s Health Magazine on “The Best Sex in the World” and desperately needs non-USian folk to give her real stories and quotes about their sexual derring-do. If you’d be interested in filling out a quick (and anonymous) questionnaire on the subject, drop her a line at She says that “You’ll be forwarding the cause of better sex everywhere—and it’s fun to do with a partner.”

The second survey is being done by Tobias Buckell. He’s trying to find out how many novels folks wrote before they sold their first. I wrote two which both remain unsold. It was my third written that became my first published novel (Magic or Madness). If you’re a published novelist please fill in the survey. It’s very short and I’m dead curious about the results. So many folks are under the misapprehension that if you don’t sell your first novel you’re a failure and will never sell. Not so!