The third day . . .

I haven’t been blogging the third test because I’ve been sitting in front of it entranced, transfixed, and incapable of typing (plus there’s the whole absence of wireless thing). Those first two inning were something else, weren’t they?

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see Andrew Symonds back and making magic for the Australian test side. He’s one of the best fielders of all time. His bowling was fabulously effective—if only he could stay in a tad longer he’d be a lock on the number six spot. Frankly, I think his performance in this test should bag him number six no matter what. His fielding alone makes an insanely big difference. Plus he’s one of the most entertaining cricketers in the world.

And speaking of entertaining cricketers—how about that Monty Penasar? He’s a bit of alright, isn’t he? And not nearly as crap in the field and with a bat as we were led to believe. Are the English selectors mentally challenged? I reckon that’s the end of Ashley Giles’ test career. Go, Monty!

And now tis almost time to turn the tellie on for the third day’s play. Heaven!


  1. jonathan on #

    hey justine. i think symonds is unlikely to play another test, though i wish it weren’t so. he is a wonderful fielder, and a solid bowler, but much too erratic as a test batsman (and why is he coming in before gilchrist?!). i think he’ll be dropped after this game, or maybe one more.

    matty hayden missing out on his ton was sad. i think he’ll be there till the end of the series, but that may be it.

    as to the third test. will it make it to the fifth day? i’m doubtful.will australia win? yes.

  2. Justine on #

    So, of course, Symonds goes cheap. Gah!

    Good on Hussey and Clarke, but.

    And I bet England would love to have Symonds. Mightn’t have been quite so many dropped catches.

    Don’t see how Australia can possibly lose from here.

  3. jonathan on #

    gilly did good. this won’t go past stumps tomorrow.

  4. James on #

    “Are the English selectors mentally challenged? ”

    I think so. How on earth did Giles and Jones get in the team?!

    Oh if only they all had as much passion and drive as Monty.

    I do believe it’s all over.

  5. Justine on #

    Jonathan: Gilly was insanely good. It was ridiculous.

    James: I agree. Reckon this will be the end of Jones as well.

    I feel bad for Giles though. Apparently he’s had to fly back to England because his wife is seriously ill.

    The test series has been in the Australian bag for some time now . . .

  6. jonathan on #

    on a personal level, that’s awful for giles. you’d never want that for anyone. i do think panesar has ended giles’s career, pretty much. and yes gilly *was* insanely good. too bad he couldn’t make the record. i just hope he carries this form forward into the last two tests. i also agree that it’s been in the bag since day one, game one. here’s the question for tomorrow – will they make it to tea?

  7. jonathan on #

    did you see the thing about gilly’s innnings. he said he got wires crossed with the dressing room. asked them if he should got for it when he hit 50. they said no. he thought they said yes, and went. 🙂

  8. Cheryl on #

    Aw poo, was at an Al Stewart concert all evening and missed all the excitement. OTOH, Al was fabulous too. And I do have the Sky summary available if I want to watch Gillie being brilliant.

    I think my expectations of a 5-0 result for the series are becoming a lot more likely. Though I see from the BBC that the England management is saying that scoring 550 or so to win in two days should be possible. You guys haven’t been spiking their beer, have you?

  9. jonathan on #

    it is possible. if australia were chasing 550 in two days, i’d definitely not rule it out. the thing is, though, this australian team would believe they could do it. i don’t believe this english team believes they can do it. that’s the crucial difference.

  10. Justine on #

    It’s totally possible, it’s not even that big of a run rate. And I honestly would love to see England bloody go for it. They have genuine batting talent: Collingwood, Pietersen, Flintoff. (And Strauss but he’s already been bad lucked out of there.) If all three of them really went for it, well, not only would it be entertaining to watch it would revitalise English cricket.

    Yes, I love seeing us beat them, but I like it even better when they put up a fight! So, come on England. Fight back! Don’t whimper and roll over!

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