Another whitewash

A HUNDRED demons were slain at the Wanderers as the Australian tail-enders took their side to the verge of victory and then completed the task.The wisdom of Peter Roebuck

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We beat South Africa 3-zip in the greatest form of cricket. I got home just in time to catch the last days of the third test. Wow! It was fabulous, evenly poised throughout. Is there anything better than a test match when either side can win right down to the very last ball? No, there is not.

Some men don’t deserve to finish on the losing side. But that is the nature of sport. Indeed, it was the message of this match. Although sport has its heroes and its victims, both live to fight another day.further wisdom of Mr Roebuck

I’m all for Australia beating all comers and yet, it woulda been nice if South Africa had won this one; if Makhaya Ntini had won it. With ten wickets he so deserved this win. And it sure seemed like most of the dodgy decisions went against South Africa. On the other hand it was one of ours boys what got sconned.

Now no test cricket until we play Bangladesh. Call me cynical, but I doubt anything there’ll come within cooee of the test at the Wanderers. But at least Mr Roebuck will be able to drag out all his minnows and David and Goliath metaphors . . .


  1. Justine on #

    That was a one dayer, darling. they don’t count. Plus our boys had a horrible curse placed on them—hence the Ashes loss.

  2. niki on #

    mmm -still don’t think you should be talking too soon….

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