Apologies & Updates

Sorry for the silence. My excuses are many and covered in mucus and jetlag. Which led to my inadvertantly consigning a number of thoughtful posts to spam purgatory. My apologies. Please comment again. I hope to be non-mucus laden and competent any day now and am much less likely to nuke future comments.

While I lay sweating, coughing, swelling and dripping mucus, the wonderful Deborah Biancotti was making additons to my website to accommodate the imminent (and in San Francisco, at least, actual) arrival of my second novel, Magic Lessons the sequel to Magic or Madness. Feast your eyes here and here. You can even read the first two chapters. She’s also created a new section for the soon-to-arrive anthology, Daughters of Earth. Thank you, Deb! And thank you, Cat, for designing such a beautiful cover.

Do take a squiz at both and let me know what you think. The Daughters site still has some content to come, but all the design work is done.

The events in San Francisco at Borderlands and Books Inc went very well. Scott was a star (he even read for me!) and I coughed a lot. And Jude (Borderlands) and Jennifer (Books Inc) took wondrous care of us. Thank you! Thanks so much to everyone who came. I hope I didn’t give any of you my dread lurgy.

I go sleep now.

Posted: NYC, 2:30AM


  1. marrije on #

    sorry to hear about the illness-while-on-world-tour! hope you will feel better soon.

    i was hoping amazon would start sending out magic lessons early, but no luck yet. oh well, gives me time to reread magic or madness.

  2. barry on #

    I do hope you’re feeling better soon, but don’t worry, I’m sure everyone loved you in spite of the mucus. Can’t wait to see you!

  3. janet on #

    It was great to see you, and so far none of us has developed the plague. (I don’t know if you noticed or cared, but I did keep Alice well out of sneeze range.)

    This is the first time I’ve seen so much as the list of stories for Daughters of Earth, and it looks fantastic — I’ve never heard of any of the early stories, and among the later picks are some non-obvious but excellent choices. I am really looking forward to the book!

    Feel better.

  4. Ben Payne on #

    love the daughters of earth cover… like Janet, I don’t know a lot of the stories but I’m really looking forward to it…

  5. Meghan on #

    Oh poor justine! Hey, I will be in San Fran this weekend. If you are not dying of plague and have an inch of free time, drop me an email!

  6. jennifer (aka literaticat) on #

    It was smashing to hang out with you both – I am sorry you were ill and I was headachey, but still I was happy with good turnout, good soup and good conversation.

    Also, you are very lucky to have left when you did. There was an ice storm here last night! An ICE STORM! I never thought I’d see the day, &c.

  7. ron on #

    heya justine! hope you’re feeling much better now! just wanted to post an enthuse over Cat’s cover! She just gets better and better! love it! f*a*n*t*a*s*t*i*c!!!

  8. Ray Davis on #

    Holy cats! Talk about Apologies & Updates — I had no idea you were going to be in the area. I hoped for a book tour, but expected something to show up on the surface of the blog. That’ll teach me (maybe) to monitor “Appearances” links more closely.

  9. Jeff Smith on #

    Hi, Justine. Hope you’re less mucosy by now. I went to the Daughters of Earth page (great cover, indeed) because I had never asked you about the table of contents, either. What a nice line-up. I don’t know the early stories (not many will), but the later ones are a lot of favorites. In fact, the Tiptree is my personal favorite of hers (I guess because it was the first of them that made me really sit up and take notice); I remember the Zoline when it came out (it made me buy her short story collection); and I was considering the Gwyneth Jones for last year’s Tiptree Award Anthology. Looking forward to the book!

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