Tomorrow we move to our brand new flat what we rented while still jetlagged, which may not be quite as fab as we remember. Scott tells me the bath isn’t torquoise, that it doesn’t come with jetpacks, nor is there an airship tethered to the roof. I could’ve sworn . . . Oh well, as long as the monkeys were real.

All our stuff will be hauled out of storage for the first time in an age. What larks will abound! ‘Cause everyone knows how fabulously fun moving is . . . almost as blissful as flathunting.

Internet access in the new flat isn’t lined up yet, so not sure when next I’ll blog, or answer emails, or google, or read anyone else’s blog. Sob.

Wish us luck!


  1. Cherie Priest on #

    Good luck! And we’re right behind you (in a few months), so we feel your pain. 😉

  2. shana on #

    Lots of luck! and remember — no bad the flat is… it’s not 40 degrees and pouring in sydney.
    that should make it all better.

  3. niki on #

    monkeys are real – very very real …..

  4. marrije on #

    Good luck! you’ll probably find tons of good books you’d forgotten you owned, and then you’ll have to read them, in the non-turquoise bath, and someone else will unpack the rest of the boxes. plus fix you a drink.

  5. Mely on #

    it always makes me happy to unpack all my books and realize what cool books i own. cheers!

  6. bo on #

    Any time you need somewhere to fly that airship you oughtta float over here to camperdown. Just watch out for low-flying 747s.

  7. Justine on #

    Thanks everyone. Your good thoughts are keeping me from tearing my hair out. Why did we put so much crap into storage?! Why?!

    Shana: actually, the past few days it has been pouring here.

    Niki: maybe in your movie they are . . .

    Marrije: Books. A pox on ’em! But yes the bath (though not torquoise) is not bad. Sadly, I have no minions unpacking and fixing me drinks. So not fair.

    Mely: I am filled with hatred for my books. So many, many, many boxes of them and no shelves to put them on. Aaarggh!!!

    Bo: Can’t wait to see your new abode, especially from our airship. See you soon!

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