Only Ten More Days

I’m suffering from post-Third Test malaise, especially as I just realised that there are only ten more days of the best Ashes series of all time left. Only ten days! And if it rains (not that that would ever happen in England) or either Test comes to a precipitious close, then it could be less than ten days.


In the meantime there’s plenty of cricket reading to be doing. Much of it on Australia’s inability to figure out the mysteries of reverse swing. Here’s hoping that they find their zen master of Irish. Maybe Imran Khan’s available?


  1. roger on #

    Impatient minx!

  2. woofy on #

    Hey, as an aside there is a little known fact regarding the ashes that the bookies don’t know about. That is the fact that last year was the first time I switched aligencies from the Yankies with there pretty stripey outfits, to the Sox. Early on in the season I might add and it was the first time the Sox won the world series since 1918. Devoted life long fans have come and gone waiting for that great moment without ever seeing it.

    Is this fair I here you ask? Why no my good friends, not at all.

    Now this year is the first time I have followed the ashes, could lightning strike twice?

  3. Justine on #


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