We Did It!!!

Australia has saved the third test and grabbed the draw. It was unbelieveable. I’ve never seen (actually heard) anything like it. There is no game like test cricket. Nothing compares. This is one of the most incredible Test series of all time.

Should you wish (though I can’t think why you would) you can read a somewhat overexcited exchange about it between Niki, Jonathan and me here.

I’m going to go take a cold shower. I’m all aquiver, I am.


  1. razorbilly on #

    Justine, R.A. Nelson is going to be interviewed about TEACH ME on NBC Nightly News tonight (August 15).

  2. Cheryl on #

    fabulous innings by ponting. rest of team should be buying him a beer or two. can’t help but think, though, that steve waugh would have had 4 slips and 2 gullies from the start of play. england just not ruthless enough.

    it also brought home to me that the entire day would have been meaningless if cricket did not have draws.

  3. woofy on #

    hah, I got to watch it on tv, the whole things covered on tv over here. Only the last hour mind as I was working, though I was listening to it on the radio all day. I’m starting to get into this cricket business.

  4. Justine on #

    I’m dead jealous of youse what got to watch it on the teeve. And yay on your conversion to the world’s greatest sport, woofy!

    Cheryl: Yeah, the field placings did sound a bit timid. And, yes, one of the many things I adore about test cricket is that there are so many different results: win, loss, tie, draw. Brilliant!

  5. Rishi Gajria on #

    Easily the best drawn test match I have ever seen.

  6. jonathan on #

    i’d agree that it’s pretty much the best draw i’ve seen, and it definitely keeps the series alive, which is terrific. cheryl, i agree that england don’t seem to either know how, or quite trust themselves enough, to really go for the throat. they keep stepping back, playing it a little safe. almost like they’re still a little afraid of/unsure of australia. one sad thing: the end of dizzy. he’s been a faithful servant for australia, but i doubt we’ll see him again this tour.

  7. niki on #

    and today is such a brighter day in the office :)))….

  8. jonathan on #

    heh heh. glad the day is brighter. it’s been bitterly cold and raining heavily all day here. i’m working from home, ripping songs for my ipod, and generally keeping busy. i’m actually happy to get a week or so off before the next test. time to recuperate.

  9. niki on #

    don’t talk to me about cold – it’s summer here and I still have to wear a jacket ! but will be home for the next test – yeah to be home but sad not to be able to gloat to a whole nation ….sigh….

  10. Cheryl on #

    i see terry ackerman has done a piece for the bbc blaming lack of aggression for england’s failure to win. the english press are, of course, all blaming geraint jones again.

    if it is any consolation for dizzy, geoff boycott was full of praise for his batting in the first innings. that forward defensive of his is a thing of beauty, especially to boycott.

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