Not Sleeping

It’s 4AM and I’m homesick, so I’ve been browsing the world wide interwebby thingie looking for aussie blogs to feed said homesickness. Possibly not a good idea. Like cheering yourself up by listening to Billie Holliday.

I realise that I haven’t heard anyone speak with an Oz accent in days. That makes me sad.


  1. Chris Barzak on #

    If it helps at all, I changed my picture on my blogger account so I didn’t look like I was giving the evil eye any longer. Even though this new one doesn’t show the scythe-like jaw line, I did it for you!

    Boo homesickness! It sucks. I know.

  2. deborahb on #

    Awwww! 🙁

    (But Australians don’t *have* accents!)

  3. deborahb on #

    What the …?!

    Your blog removes capital letters??!

  4. marrije on #

    sorry about your homesickness. that does, indeed, suck. can i recommend my internet friend Faith, who’s an aussie expat in amsterdam? she’s at and thinks our summers are crappy 🙂

    oh, and the crazy croc guy on animal planet makes me smile with his accent when i’m on the exercise bike at the health club (new in holland! watch tv while you bike!). i’m sure he’s totally fake and awful, but he may be a quick fix for some oz-speak.

  5. niki on #

    oh – is that why you were ringing – sorry – i was in stroud for the weekend drinking yummy ciders 🙂

  6. scott on #

    I was asleep during Justine’s sleeplessness, then woke up all sleepless at about 6am, and there were all these emails from her. But by then she was asleep, so I just emailed her back. And just now i stumble across this entry . . .

    For all of you who were concerned, she must have got to sleep some time before 6, and is still asleep now (at noon!).

    one day we’ll meet again . . .

  7. Justine on #

    You lot are all so sweet!

    Chris: that was so darling of you! (Though it’s still a wee bit evil eyey. What? You don’t smile anymore?! Nothing like smiling to defeat homesickness!)

    Deb: yup, no caps around here. I don’t hold with ’em. I did mention that in my very first post. I’m thinking I should have a rules of this blog thingie in the sidebar to alleviate the shock of the no caps thing.

    Marrije: I’m all better now. Homesickness reallly isn’t that bad and is always pretty fleeting. I agree with your friend about the definition of a heatwave. 25C? Excuse me? That’s not even hot! They were calling it a heat wave here a week or so back and the temperature didn’t get above the low 30s once. Deeply lame. Where I come from it’s not a heatwave unless you hit 40!

    The crocodile hunter’s accent is real, honest. He’s not faking it. The only other people I’ve met who talk like that are all from out bush. I’m a Sydney girl so my accent is somewhat different.

    Niki: Glad you were enjoying yourself! Cider, mmmmmm . . .

    Scott: I was asleep by 5AM. So it wasn’t that bad. (Marrije: before you ask he’s metres and metres away in a whole other room!)

  8. Chris McLaren on #

    you should totally listen to some ABC stuff in the background.

    I often listen to ‘Hack’ from triple-j, for example.

    You can stream it off their website ( or stick the feed ( in a podcatching tool so you can have some stuff waiting for you when you want it.

    There’s lots of other Oz-source stuff you can stream these days–anyone with a decent connection can hear that accent now.

  9. Mely on #

    you two are so cute.

    if you check out the stylesheet for the page and remove all instances of “text-transform: lowercase”, that should get rid of the lowercase limitation.

  10. Justine on #

    I don’t want to get rid of lowercase. It’s not a limitation it’s a liberation! Embrace it!

  11. Justine on #

    Chris: thanks, I used to stream triple jay and radio national etc all the time. Dunno why I forgot about doing that.

    But when I’m homesick (especially in the wee hours of the morning) what I really want is a transmat beam to take me home to where the majority of pepole has the accent I long to hear! No amount of listening to oz music and radio can help with that.

    Fortunately, homesickness is a passing thing. This afternoon I’m entirely homesick-free. Though I am listening to Vika & Linda, Machine Translations & Deb Conway on high rotation . . .

  12. gwenda on #

    Hey I was also up at 4 a.m. (With George.) Then I couldn’t get back to sleep for a bit. Sadly, I did just in time for the alarm to start going off at 6. Bleh.

  13. Justine on #

    Gwenda: that sucks. One of the rewards for being freelance is that a bit of not sleeping is okay cause I can always sleep in. Of course, the total money insecurity is a big old downside.

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