1. scott on #

    Well, it was that Pietersen guy who really kicked our butts. (ninety-one runs from 65 balls? that’s positively Gilchristian!) And he’s actually a South African.

    At least Australia doesn’t import their players. (Um, except in every other sport except cricket.)

  2. Justine on #

    How do you explain Harmison, then?

  3. marrije on #

    You guys are very cute and geeky, discussing things in the comments sections of your blogs. Probably from three feet apart… So how many feet are you apart?

  4. Cheryl on #

    It’s cool. Kevin and I have been known to do that too.

  5. Justine on #

    Marrije: I’m Australian, I have no clue what a foot is! Hey, you’re Dutch, how do you know about that weird Imperial system of measurements?

    Scott’s in a whole other room, right now. Metres away! Plus I’m too traumatised by the whole England tour to be able to talk about it out loud . . .

  6. jonathan on #

    hey justine: keep the faith. they’ll turn it around. it has been weird, though. i can’t explain it at all. certainly, a seven week break shouldn’t have this kind of effect on the team. gillespie looked hopeless, and mcgrath struggled. it has made emphasised again that the team is getting old. hmm. i expect to see changes to the team for the next game. symonds and lee both back, i’d guess.

  7. Justine on #

    Jonathan: I haven’t lost faith. Where did you get that idea?

  8. niki on #

    arggggg …HELP !!!

  9. Helen on #

    Hi Justine – I’m fortunate enough to be the pom who sits next to your dear sister on a daily basis over here in London. I just wanted to let you know that we’re not gloating too much around her this morning – it’s more that we’re using some of that great Silent English Smugness to communicate our point. But then Niki did just inform me that Symonds was dropped because he was still drunk from the night before so what do you expect? Anyway, we’re being very polite and gracious this morning, although I’ve no idea why – I bet if the result had been the other way round she wouldn’t shut up about it all day! Here’s looking forward to an exciting summer.. oh, and here’s a website for you in case you need something to take your mind off the weekend: http://www.kevinpietersen.com 🙂

  10. pa on #

    not to worry niki things can only get better. 2nd in tour of schwitz third in us open, a freed hostage (250k for his interviews!) and an alp lanslide in the nt. my darwin govt insider mate reckons the locals had two choices for voting conservative, clp or alp.

  11. niki on #

    I’m afraid nothing will help the A team live this down – think it will go down along side the underarm bowling ..250 K – is that all ? he’s been duped – plus he’ll miss out on being interviewed with denton…

  12. marrije on #

    Justine, i am sorry: I had no idea you clever aussies use metres, too! I guess I’m over-indoctrinated by the (former) empire into thinking that if a person speaks English, they will think in feet. I’m not so indoctrinated that i understand even the merest thing about this cricket business, though…

  13. scott on #

    Distance alert! Justine and I are 34 inches apart at this time. (For you soccer-playing, non-doctor-paying, metric-using types, that’s 86.36cm.)

  14. Justine on #

    Helen: gloating on the inside is still gloating. And, of course, we would gloat were the results reversed. You are part of the evil empire; we are the oppressed colonials trying to free ourselves from your dread oppression. Gloating is only becoming when the oppressed gloat.

    Please be kind to Niki.

    Niki: It’s much more painful watching us lose to the poms then to Bangladesh. Really, we did that out of the kindness of our hearts, hoping to create a cricket renaissance there and give them a leg up into the world of test cricket.

    Da: (odd that you misspelt your own name!) Too true. A return to our natural place in the cricket order is around the corner. And as we all know only test cricket counts.

    Marrije: Yes, we Australians are a civilised people. Valiantly striding to resist the evil empire (though sadly I’m married to one of those imperial-measurement-understanding weirdos). Go here for my extremelly easy-to-follow beginners’ guide to cricket. You’ll understand what we’re talking about in no time.

  15. marrije on #

    yeee-es, extremely easy to follow, that. ahem. one thing is crystal clear: cricket is all about the team and not about individual statistics. check. just like football, i guess, hahaha.

  16. Justine on #

    Yup, postively communist that cricket.

  17. da on #

    dyslectic you know!
    nothing wrong with underarm bowling the english invented it
    that apartment of yours is no shoe box find space andtwo mobiles (cellphones)

  18. niki on #

    da, you talking to me ? my appartment .. ? shoes mobiles ? please explain ..

  19. da on #

    not you the blogger x underarm

  20. David Moles on #

    I can’t help but think this may have something to do with what’s going on…

  21. Justine on #

    David: oh my God! That’s hilarious. Good ole Shane. Onya, Warnie!

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