Yay! Aargh! Woohoo! Eep!

I have like a gazillion billion trakazillion emails in my inbox. This is the first chance I’ve had to go online in almost three days. It’s been crazy busy and exhilarating and fabulous and every big positive happy adjective you can think of.

San Antonio is wondrous. The Texas Library Association conference has been so extraordinarily wonderful I’m left without words. I’ve met so many amazing, fun, smart cool people I think my brain has exploded. Thank you everyone! Yay! Joy! Mangosteens! This trip has also been very educational: I know now how boots are made and have a much better idea of what distributors do.

Scott and mine’s presentation in front of what seemed like thousands of librarians, including Scott’s high school librarian, Darlene, was exhilarating. I’ve never had so much fun doing an appearance. Basically we just gasbagged about how we met, our books, writing, travelling, living in two countries, and answered lots of cool questions from the wonderful audience.

Then we signed what felt like a million books. I think I’m still floating.

To quickly answer two of your questions:

The beasts that shall not be named are evil. That is all you need to know. What do they need that horn for anyway?

Maureen is also evil and you should not do what she tells you to do.

Friday the thirteenth is excellent. Zombies love it. But yesterday’s was the best ever!


  1. Ally on #

    1st Comment! Ohhh i just got what “beast” you were talking about. I thought you meant like a cow or something since you were in texas but i got you now 😉

    There is a “beast” in Narnia so i bet you don’t like that movie but the books are my 2nd favorite books

    (tell scott to make a post please)

  2. jessiegirl on #

    isn’t it possible that unicorns are only posing as good? secretly they are evil.

    the horn filled with power must surely go to their head- since that is where it is attached- making unicorns slightly less benevolent that people assume.

    zombies rule.

  3. Candy on #

    hey, tell us more about scott’s high school librarian! my librarian really turned me on to books – my mom secretly visited her and told her not to lend me any more books because i was neglecting my chores. what did scott’s librarian think of his becoming a writer?

    happy friday the thirteenth!

  4. Dess on #

    sorry about that justine. but justine but maureen answered two of my questions i asked her in her blog and instructed me to do so. i felt indebted. i wount do it again. (or at least I’ll try) and besided i dont like those horses that happen to have a horn brotruding from their heads. vampires are cooler (expecially if his name is edward cullen). zombies are cool too.

  5. Dess on #

    oops that was supposed to say but justine, maureen… not but justine but justine.

  6. Dess on #

    ahhh and i meant won’t not wount. i really cant type.

  7. Holly on #

    I really enjoyed your panel on Friday. You and Scott have such great chemistry and I loved how you would each just talk about the other. So cute! So cute, in fact, that I am sure no one will hold the Australia/Mexico comment against you 😉

  8. Emmaco on #

    Holly please tell us about the Australia/Mexico comment! I’m intrigued.

  9. TypesetJez on #

    I’m with you on “the beasts that shall not be named” I don’t see what’s so great about them. Or what they can do. And the pointy object coming out of their head sort of freaks me out a little.

    But the reason I’m commenting is to let you know that I (finally) wrote up a review of Magic’s Child! It’s posted here on my blog.

  10. Ally on #

    australia/mexico comment?? hmmm

  11. Ally on #

    Yay! Aargh! Woohoo! Eep!?? bwaha

  12. Dawn on #

    I’m glad you had such a good time in Texas!!! I wish I could have gone, and I’m certainly glad that you were able to update your blog. Today I got my SIGNED copy of Magic’s Child, and I did sufficient boasting and showing off. I LOVE IT!! YAY!!!

  13. lili on #

    friday 13th is only a good day if you don’t have to get up at 4:30 am to catch a plane, which is delayed anyway, so you don’t actually leave the state til 9:30, all in order to go to the bogan wedding of the year.

  14. Cat on #

    I was in Mexico breifly somethime between late Friday the 13th and early Saterday the 14th. Friday 13th was the last day of my internet free mission trip to mexico. It started out well enough: on the top of a mountain, with my best friend, eating a tasty sandwhich. Then it was time to go down the mountian. On the way down I manged to do two things: sprain my ankle and knock my best friend into a river. Then I and the group of 98 people i was with boarded buses for the twenty hour trip home. About an hour into the trip, my ankle is throbbing and my allergy medicaion is wearing off, but I am completly out of food and medicine. Half an hour later, I am also out of food. Then, we reach the USA/mexico border where we had to take everything off of the buses put it through a scanner and reload the bus (which we were able to do in eleven minutes, well, it’s 11 when you subtract the time we lost when another bus almost ran over us.) The bus was ready to go again just in time for the ac to break. So, we open the windows and sunlights, which gave us some air flow until it started raining. We were able to switch buses (in the rain) in San Antonio between April’s 13th and 14th. I also bought pain medication for my ankle (which feel much better now) in San Antonio.

  15. shelly rae on #

    Hey Justine–I suppose you’re too busy being a famous, fabulous author and such to watch any bike racing but you’ll be very pleased to know that your countryman, Stuart O’Grady did you proud in the Paris-Roubaix.
    It was an awesome race! And a big first for Australia and O’Grady! yay!

  16. Holly on #

    For those that asked about the Australia/Mexico comment, Justine slipped and compared Australia to Mexico saying that they are both lazy…it just came out kind of bad even though she was joking around. San Antonio is highly Hispanic so…y’know. I wrote out the whole conversation here:http://allellie.blogspot.com/2007/04/tla-or-bust.html
    But seriously? Justine and Scott did a great job and were so funny!

  17. Penni on #

    I bought Frederique (offspring) a unicorn for her 4th birthday. She did ask for one. But I suspect Frederique may have a healthy streak of evil in her. I am sure she intends to use it for dire purposes.

    She’ll get a Zombie for her fifth birthday. Naturally.

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