I will be brief

We are in San Antonio. The river walk is fun. We have tickets to the San Antonio v Sacramento game tonight. I went to Little’s Boots to get fitted for custom-made boots. It was awesome. The Littles are good people. David Little even drove us back to our hotel. I will get my boots in six months. I cannot wait.

The hotel is lovely. We have a balcony. There is free wifi in the lobby but not in our room. I have yet to hang out with any librarians or writers.

In other news it is warm. I do not need a coat or a scarf or gloves. I love San Antonio.

How’re y’all doing?


  1. Meg on #

    have fun! i was wondering if you guys were going to be making your way anywhere else around the US? i hope so!

  2. John H on #

    Just finished Magic’s Child – very good! It snowed here in Chicago again – not so good…

  3. kevin wignall on #

    hmm, fortunately i’ve been busy writing a book (just finished) so i didn’t notice you gloating the other day about a certain super eight match. of course, not to deny that aus are on top form, but we’re playing some shabby cricket at the mo.

    hope you’re having fun in san antonio.

  4. Rebecca on #

    i just got in tonight!! and you’re going to a spurs game. i am jealous. i have lived here my entire life and never been to one. not for lack of trying. go spurs go!

  5. Dawn on #

    Its still pretty chilly here…and I’m not THAT far from you.

  6. Cheryl on #

    Chicago. Snow. Bleagh!

  7. maureen on #

    It’s sunny and 70 degrees here in England! Come here! No unicorns

  8. John H on #

    Damn! And I was all set to take the Unicorn Express to Stansted…

  9. Addie on #

    hi! this is my first comment here. i like it!

  10. Dess on #

    hi i was on maureen’s blog and she said something about a lamp with those horse looking things that happen to have a horn protruding from their head. i asked her why you hate them so much and she said ask you. well actually she said now would be a good time to put horse looking things that happen to have a horn protruding from their head related posts….

  11. Ally on #

    Hi Justine! I hope your are having fun 615.88 miles and 9 hours and 25 minutes away from me. i could so drive there if i had a license and a car haha I found that on mapquest. Its a very handy little thing

  12. Dana Robinson on #

    Hi! I was in the audience today when you and your husband were speaking. Listening to the two of you was so much fun. You two are amazing writers—keep it going, please. : ) Hope you enjoy the city!

  13. Ally on #

    dana=lucky! 🙂

  14. calliope on #

    hi justine? did you see any unicorns in san antonio? i think it’s a hotbed for unicorn sightings. here in ny, i see unicorns all the time. dont you just love unicorns?

  15. Dess on #

    i dont particularly like unicorns but i would like to find out why justine has such distain against unicorns. i asked maureen johnson why you didnt like unicorns and she said… well just read above i already said what she said. so i hope you didnt see any unicorns there for fear of the unicorns being “acidentaly” hit by your car.

  16. Tobias on #

    did you know that in the mmorpg Ultima Online only females could ride on a unicorn!!??! very interesting stuff!

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