I’ve just added six more categories:

As a result of all the extra categories, I’ve gotten rid of the “writing and publishing” category, which was pretty much useless, and amalgamated the MorM books under one category: “Magic or Madness trilogy”.

Wow. I feel so organised. First new year’s resolution is now off the list!


  1. Tim on #

    Organising and creating order from chaos is rather therapeutic…

    *Looks at desk* Not that I’d know…

  2. Justine on #

    Not only therapeutic but excellently procratinatory.

  3. Tim on #

    It’s true. Whenever I have a big assignment due my kitchen mysteriously gets a lot cleaner.

  4. Candy on #

    i wish i knew about categories before i started my blog. i have been meaning to clean up the tags but it’s such a huge job now, i can’t even begin. you’re so organised justine!

    on another subject: i took a video survey of all the books kids in my orbit loved last year and scott got two mentions, and you got one (except the kid remembered the title as Magical Madness!) – view it here

  5. E. Kristin Anderson on #

    Nice! I need to get organized this year, too. Though I didn’t put it on my resolutions list, for fear of disappointment come February when I’m still laying in a pile of books, scrawled-upon scraps of paper, and chocolate wrappers.

    I really like that you have a whole category for bans and challenges. “Like” may not be the appropriate word, because book challenges are about my least favorite thing ever. BUT, I think it’s great that you write about it often enough to devote a category to it. We all should.

    Side note: check out the BookKids blog today – I suspect you’ll be pleased 🙂

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