Title of liar book

So I may have mentioned that my title for the liar book, Why Do I Lie?, was rejected by my publisher and by most of the people who’ve read the book.1 We’ve been on the hunt for a new title and may, at long last, have settled on one.


  1. Curse you all! []


  1. Patrick on #

    Is the new title “So You Think You Can Dance?”

    Also, have they chosen a cover model? I’m available.

  2. E. Kristin Anderson on #

    You mean it’s not just called LIAR BOOK?

    Good luck with the new appellation!

  3. Mahek on #

    Um, so what’s the new title then?

  4. emily on #

    aww, why’d they reject it?

    and all that sekrit keeping for nothing. 🙁

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