I don’t mean you!

I am getting some upset responses from people who love their shrugs/leggings/formal shorts etc. and want to know how I dare to impugn them. I’m even being sent photos of said people in said fashion atrocities to prove their non-ugliness.

Clearly, I don’t mean you! Not any of you!

You are the one person in the world who can truly rock that look. And even in the unlikely event that you aren’t rocking it, well, if it makes you happy to wear said ballet flats/ugg boots/espadrilles then by all means wear them!

I have any number of fashion atrocities that I love dearly and wear often. I know that they are ugly. I know that other people think they are ugly, but they make me happy, so wear them I will. Mock away! As you all know I will feel no compunction about mocking your ugly clothing in turn.

So what is your favourite makes-you-happy hideous thing in your wardrobe?

Some would say I’ve already shared mine. Fie! I say. They are the most beautiful boots in the world.1

Mine was my possum slippers that fell to pieces I wore them so much. Right now it’s probably this indescribably ugly con T-shirt.2 It’s the most comfortable and ugliest T-shirt on the planet. Wearing it makes me happy.

And you?

  1. Shockingly I have several friends who consider western boots to be as ugly as ugg boots! Who would have credited it? []
  2. I will not say which con. []


  1. David Moles on #

    re footnote 1: i love these friends of yours sight unseen because you love them, but they are one hundred percent, grade-a nuts.

  2. sara z. on #

    I have these jeans, that are whiskered in the most unflattering way possible, and have little holes dangerously near the crotchal area, and they drag on the ground so there are strings of demin hanging off the hemline, but they are SO COMFORTABLE. They are like sweats for me. Sweats you can wear in public.

    Also, for the record? I have a pair of Ugg boots that are not the “classic” boxy style – and I don’t wear them on the outside of my pants or with shorts! – and they are the most comfortable footwear I’ve ever had. They don’t get too hot, but they keep my feet nice and warm and dry and even though I’ve had my bare feet shoved in them all winter and spring, THEY DO NOT STINK. This model has a sole that’s not just flat ugliness. My birkenstock inserts fit into them to support my poor, difficult arches, they are wide enough in the toe area to accomodate me, and honestly I can walk in these as long as I can in my gym shoes. Love.

    Here’s a picture of my sweatsjeans and Uggs.

  3. Lori S. on #

    I am a little self-conscious about my “house slippers,” i.e. the Birkenstocks I wear when I’m at home (foot doctor’s orders). But they are soooo comfortable.

  4. Mark on #

    I wear what I want to. I have never understood the fashion industry. The women on the catwalk wear the most hideous things imaginable, most of the models have to be sewn into them and they can barely walk. Then these people have decided what is “proper” and “fashionable” for everyone else and there are fashion police telling people what to wear.

    Imagine if there were “food police” telling you what to eat all the time.. oh wait, there are.

    Imagine if there were “hygiene police” telling you how to groom yourself properly all the time.. oh wait, there are.

    Imagine if there were “weight police” telling you what your weight needs to be.. oh wait, there are.

    I know this is just for fun, but seriously, people need to stop trying to run everyone else’s lives.

  5. anon on #

    I love my ugg boots. I know they are ugly. I love them.

  6. Lauren on #

    I have these silver robot-leggings that I look utterly hideous in. But I will never throw them out because I’m convinced that one day something magical will happen and I will look good in them.

    Mark, the fashion industry you so loathe is responsible for the clothes you are wearing right now. What comes down the runway is interpreted and altered until it finds its way into your closet. Nobody is telling you what to wear but, unless you sew your own clothes, you are wearing what they make.

  7. Haddy on #

    i wear hightop converse (black ofcourse) but when i wear them i always wear pants (infact i wear pants always anyway even though its florida ick!) but when i have to change into my gym uniform that you wear shorts for. I cant take my shose off because it takes to long (with my massive feet) so i wear my hightops with bright red shorts its hillariouse. i look really stupid. Then this one girl on monday wore the same exact thing i almost cracked up laughing when i saw her.

    by the way if i do someing in fashion its not suggested to copy it 😉

  8. Haddy on #

    oh and i wear thease jeans that hove spoches of red and tan pain on them from pinting my house i love them my room is red…like blood
    sorry for the double post

  9. Hillary! on #

    Ballet flats. I LOVE ballet flats. But I’m careful when buying. Not too much toe-cleavage, but no non toe cleavage.

  10. Jeanni on #

    I have this pair of jeans that’s so bleach splotched it’s terrible. But they’re so comfy! And this one old (OLD!!!!) cardinals t-shirt that I wear to sleep, and I was really embarassed when my boyfriend showed up when i was sick and they were what i was wearing. Yeah.

  11. Catherine on #

    i love my ballet flats. they are shiny and silver and ugly and , but i love them and wear them all the time.

  12. Kelly G. on #

    My ballet flats (NO TOE CLEAVAGE!) and my Uggs. Though, I do not wear my Uggs outside of my pants. I just like them because they are super-comfortable and when I wear them I feel like I have massive bear feet that can stomp out all my problems. (I wear them when I need cheering up).

    Oh! And I also have a wonderful gypsy skirt. It is long and bright turquoise and has silver stitching and I will never ever part with it, though it would probably do better as a curtain or tablecloth.

  13. sophielandon on #

    If you really want a fashion mistake, try gauchos. Or their cousin, cropped pants.

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