1. Eric Luper on #

    That is… weird.

  2. Justine on #

    You are not wrong.

  3. Eric Luper on #

    At least it’s good to know that it’s not just America’s politician who have weird proclivities. I just feel bad for the quokka. And the chair sniffee.

  4. maureen johnson on #

    This is the funniest headline of all time. THANK GOD YOU ARE HERE TO POINT THESE THINGS OUT!

  5. doselle on #

    Chair sniffing?


    What kind of mind leads one to such activities, eh?

    Thanks, Justine. I am now damaged beyond all repair.


  6. Benjamin on #

    Brilliant. Just… brilliant. Serendipity or conspiracy?

  7. nadai on #

    I’m afraid to ask what sort of “mistreatment” he is rumoured to have done.

    Do quokkas often sit on chairs?

  8. Justine on #

    Everyone: Best we not think too hard on this matter. It reeks of wrong.

  9. Hillary! on #

    Reeketh of wrong it doth do smell…but twhat’s chair sniffing? Does that mean he was sniffing chairs he suspected people had farted in?

  10. Brent on #

    Hmpf. And here I thought quokkas was another weird Aussie sport like cricket. They’re actually rather cute, though I like raccoons better.

  11. David Gill on #

    Which begs the question: Exactly which olfactory experience was he hoping for?

  12. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    That poor chair must have been awfully confused by such behavior.


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